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  • Posted 20/08/2019

This week began with an important announcement for Archeage. A new version of the MMORPG with original game content will be available soon. Titled Archeage Unchained, this release doesn't nullify the current version of the famous MMO. Therefore, updates will be made available from time to time for both versions. However, some differences between the two are noticeable to the players. Firstly, this release has a unique business system, which makes it impossible to transfer items between the existing version and the new one. Credits may only be used where purchased. A subscription model will not exist in Archeage Unchained. This way, the content will be available to be accessed through a single purchase. Through seasonal Credits and ArchePasses, players will be able to purchase custom items. According to XL Games, new information will be available during the coming months. There is no release date for this new version of Archeage yet.    

Build your world in Archeage without the lag making your story crumble.

Try it for 7 days for free and check out the plans.

    Posted by Livia Dias  

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