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  • Posted 11/09/2019

Path Of Exile Blight was announced by Grinding Gear Games last Friday, the 6th. As the game's newest quarterly update, Blight features a new league and powerful items. In this expansion, fungi pervaded the entire cursed continent of Wraeclast. The synopsis of this expansion features elements that players will encounter throughout the campaign:  

“In Path of Exile: Blight, dangerous fungi began to appear all over the cursed continent of Wraeclast, threatening men and animals. With the help of the new NPC Sister Cassia, you are tasked with destroying this threat. Cassia has built a specialized bomb for the task, but as her bomb pulls out the toxic fungi, monsters of every kind emerge to defend Blight. These creatures are particularly resilient. ”
  Also, Blight combines frantic action with strategic tower defense elements. Therefore, players must plan their moves to defeat Blight. In skill acquisition, the expansion revealed to players improvements to the necromancer archetype. New defensive options such as minion AI support gem (making them defensive or aggressive), meat dhield skill gem, and overall Necromancer Ascendant class change. Players using the Saboteur Archetype will notice some important changes. New Skill Gems and Mine Support will be available. Finally, players will be able to play missions over time and play at their own pace. So on any Atlas map you want. ARPG expansion has been made available for Xbox One and PS4 on Tuesday, March 10, and is also open to the PC via Steam. The Blight League will last for three months with a new game economy.  

Pick your exile and break into the relentless world of reduced ping Wraeclast!

Try it now for 7 days free and get to know the plans.

      Posted by Livia Dias

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