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  • Posted 17/09/2019

DC Universe received the 97th update last week. Titled Metal Part I, it brings out an acclaimed comic book saga. The premise involves Batman's disappearance. As such, both the Dark Knights and the Justice League are looking for rare metal forms that could result in the victory between the Multiverse and the Dark. However, the Bruce Waynes of the Dark Multiverse have their own goals.  


In Metal Part I, new quests both daily and weekly have been made available in Open World, Solo and Alert modes. During the Metal Gotham mission, players will be able to face the chaos caused in the city by the laughing Batman. Also, it will be possible to enter the hero's cave in "Batcave Breach," a new warning that begins with Nightwing's distress call. On the other hand, in the solo mission “Scarlet Speedster”, players will come across the complete mess in Central City, with criminals dominating the city. If the players want to explore Olympus, the quest “New Invasion and Elite Invasion: False Idols” consists of heroes and villains assisting Wonder Woman against the Merciless in this divine setting. The laughing Batman continues to torment Gotham in "New Raid and Elite Raid: Metal Monsters." In this mission, players will have to deal with bandits who have been given the control of shaping Gotham City's reality at will.  


Therefore, to complement the missions, new items and equipment are releasd. These include a new coin called Dark Metal Coins, new Augments and equipment inspired by Donna Troy and The Merciless. Besides, players can collect basic items and new talents. Update 97 on DC Universe has been released for all platforms. Check out the developer notes about the update.  

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  Posted by Livia Dias

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