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  • Posted 19/09/2019

With the release of Blade and Soul: Storm Of Arrows this Wednesday, the 18th, the Zen Archer class was finally made available to the MMORPG. According to a press release addressing the release of Zen Archer:

“Zen Archer is a deadly warrior who can channel light or wind to improve his attacks. Primarily a damage-focused class, Zen Archer must strike a balance on the battlefield to enhance its attacks with extra damage. Zen Archer can choose a skill that allows them to move while firing their deadly habilities for maximum mobility.”  
The Storm Of Arrows update includes a new dungeon to the MMORPG named Cathedra Cliffs. Additionally, players will come across the Throne Of Oblivion, which consists of a new 12 player dungeon. Ultimately, the player will face new challenges and legendary equipment that will help them complete their journey.   For players who purchased the Zen Bullerye Bundle through the official Blade and Soul website, the following accessories and skills will be available: Costume Archangel, Hair Adornment Archangel, Archangel Earrings, Golden Moon XP Special Charm, x10 Radiant Core and Cloudstone Radiant.   To ensure that your Blade and Soul: Storm Of Arrows experience is not affected by lag, follow the tips in our tutorial and learn how to keep your ping low.    

Load your quivers and face powerful enemies in Cathedra without lag.

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  Posted by Livia Dias

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