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  • Posted 26/09/2019

Earlier this week, Kakao Games released information about a mobile version of Archeage. Titled Archeage Walk, the game will be inspired by the mechanics of Pokémon Go. Kakao Games has announced that its subsidiary Life MMO Corp has recently signed an agreement with XLGames to license Archeage IP. Thus, from this negotiation, it becomes possible to develop new games taking advantage of the MMORPG theme. Life MMO Corp's goal is to create a new location-based game. This, in turn, will not be the work of XLGames, Archeage's the official developer.   Archeage Walk é anunciado por Kakao Games The project is currently under development. According to Kakao Games, Archeage is not just a combat game, but full of exploitable features for the player to constitute his world. After investing in a mobile MMORPG called Moonlight Sculptor, Kakao Games partnered with XLGames. Since then, companies have worked together. Archeage Walk, their project, does not have a specific release date. It is expected to be available in South Korea by 2020.    

While more information about Archeage Walk is not available, get ready to explore Archeage Unchained!

Try it for 7 days for free and check out the plans.

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