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  • Posted 02/10/2019

As Fortnite's tenth season is neared to its end, information began to be released by Epic Games about Season 11. One of the news that the developer announced a few days ago is a change in matchmaking. As such, players will face other players who are at the same skill and experience level. Being extremely controversial in Season X, the robot B.R.U.T.O may cease to exist in Season 11. Patch v10.40 marked the explosion of some robots as soon as they hit the map. Remember that the presence of B.R.U.T.O in the game, made players stop participating in certain tournaments.   The new season will also be marked by the presence of bots. According to Epic Games, "they will behave in ways similar to real players and help provide a better way for players to hone their skills." Thus, fewer bots will be faced by players who evolve in the game. Epic Games has not officially commented on certain rumors. According to information released at the PS4 PSN event, Fortnite Season X will end on October 6. However, the developer did not disclose the official release date of Season 11.

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  Posted by Livia Dias

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