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  • Posted 08/10/2019

Last Thursday, the 3rd, Epic Games announced some changes in Fortnite. The first of these, being significant, is the extended Season X. As such, players were given additional time to complete the Battle Pass. Season X will be finalized next Sunday, October 13th. The developer released patch 10.40.1 this week, which added enhancements to the limited-time War Zone mode and Combination matches. Among the improvements presented, the developer has announced that it will maintain the new Combination mode as a base mode within Battle Royale. Therefore, the mode will be available indefinitely.  


On the other hand, players raised questions about changing controls within the game. Although console users have received improvements, players who prioritize the computer have not received the same attention. According to an Epic statement, the possibility of improving gameplay for PC users is under consideration. Also, Epic Games commented on the new pairing system.  
“So far we have implemented the new Solo mode pairing system in select regions and we plan to implement the duo mode by the end of this week. Our goal with the new pairing system is to create fairer matches for all our players, including special considerations for each platform. We have seen discussions about players using smurf accounts to get into easier matches. Creating and playing on smurf accounts is a punishable offense. ”
  To assist players in starting the battle royale, the developer has announced that bots will be inserted into the game. This way players will be able to develop their skills and practice techniques within Fortnite. However, bots will not be used in Creative Mode. Also, initially there will not be a mode aimed at playing exclusively against bots.    

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    Posted by Livia Dias

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