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  • Posted 09/10/2019

Blizzard has decided to expand the Overwatch universe even further. The developer announced the novel "The Hero of Numbani". Overwatch is clearly one of the most famous games of the company. In addition to their remarkable success in the competitive landscape, the complexity of character history has engulfed players.   Thus, the game adopted a cross-media, expanding its universe through products and media that contributed to the game's scenario. The announced novel will tell another fragment of the story of Overwatch, this time focusing on the character Orisa. According to an announcement by Blizzard, The Hero of Numbani will be released on May 5, 2020. Written by Nicky Drayden and published by Scholastic, the novel will not only address Orisa's story. Other characters like Lucio and Doomfist will also be present, composing the narrative.  

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    Posted by Livia Dias

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