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  • Posted 17/10/2019

New karma in Kurtzpel is released. During the last Wednesday, 09th, content updates were applied to the game, involving new missions and new mechanics applied to the game. Titled “Holy Guardian”, the new karma will be delivered to players interacting with their respective NP. Also, karma will be distributed by Lime.   The most assiduous players who closely follow KOG Games have recognized Lime for its paladin theme, characteristically being a cute and naive character present in GrandChase.   Therefore, it is remarkable that the Holy Guardian is a karma that can completely change Kurtzpel. Offering strength, healing, and shielding skills, this is the first karma that provides the supporting role. The new class can be purchased from Steam or for free through Chase Points and Skill Points. Thus it is possible to buy karma within the game.   Three new missions involving Lime are available. Purchasing the Holy Guardian Starter Pack, players will be able to complete all three quests and play for additional rewards such as Karma Crystals. Also, a Field of View Adjustment has been inserted into the game. This will allow players to gain an enhanced Kurtzpel experience. Another acquisition was the new accessories distributed to all PVE Bosses within the game. After a period of testing on a closed server and receiving feedback from players, the game development team also applied massive balancing.    

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    Posted by Livia Dias

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