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  • Posted 17/10/2019

Archeage Unchained was officially released on Tuesday, the 15th. Gamigo's MMORPG was highly anticipated within the community. Among the new features, a new Labor system with two distinct categories (Account Level Labor and Server Labor) attracted players' attention. All characters on the same account will receive the Labor account. In contrast, Server Labor will be consumed before Account Work.   To access Archeage Unchained, the player must purchase one of the Packages. These are priced between $ 25.99 and $ 79.99. On the first day of launch, thousands of players simultaneously connected to servers in North America and Europe. In this way, Gamigo opened new servers throughout the night so that all interested players could play. According to the developer, the positive feedback from the community made the launch a success. To thank the players, Gamigo released a video:    

Build your world in Archeage Unchained, yet don't let lag dominate.

Try it for 7 days for free and check out the plans.

  ARCHEAGE UNCHAINED     Posted by Livia Dias

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