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  • Posted 16/12/2019

Path of Exile: Conqueror’s of the Atlas is available! Announced at ExileCon over the past month, the game's newest expansion features new content and items. To begin with, a new endgame story has been established, featuring five new bosses to face. In addition, a new skill archetype titled Baillista is available along with bow changes. Through Conqueror’s of the Atlas, a new league of challenges is available. Called Metamorph, the objective revolves around finding and gathering parts of monsters to build Thane Octavius, a new NPC. This can be used to assemble a new shapeshifter.   However, other important changes are noticeable from now on. The map rules, for example, have changed. From now on, players start in the center with only fifty maps available. Rare items will be accessible to players as soon as they overtake big opponents. Finally, 16 new items were added to the game through this expansion. Check out more details about the Conqueror’s of the Atlas update on the ExileCon official website. Learn how to keep your ping low in Path of Exile: Conqueror’s of the Atlas with our tips.    

Try it now for 7 days for free and know our plans.

  Posted by Livia Dias

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