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  • Posted 20/12/2019

Improve your game this Christmas. The high ping sharply interferes with your performance during the match. With that in mind, NoPing launched a must-see promotion this Christmas! Buy NoPing and earn double to optimize your gameplay! The promotion is valid for Semiannual and Annual plans:   Buying the 6 month plan, get 1 year key! Buying the 1 year plan, get 1 year key + 6 month key!   In addition, by using the JINGLEPING coupon you will receive a 15% discount on your purchase. To participate in the promotion and receive the keys is simple: 1. Enter your NoPing account email in the Facebook page inbox after making the purchase. This will enable you to validate the purchase. 2. After the team review, the key will be sent to you. Enjoy pinging and improve your game with two other NoPing functions: Boost FPS (FPS boost) and Turbo Games (accelerate keyboard and mouse response time). Check out in more detail how to configure the software in this tutorial.     

The future of your gameplay may be corrupted by lag. Enjoy Black Friday NoPing and set the future of your gameplay. Try it for 7 days free. 

  Posted by Livia Dias

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