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  • Posted 16/01/2020

Four expansions are announced for 2020 in Path of Exile. According to Grinding Gear Games, the game's developer, the game will receive expansions throughout the year, following the usual schedule of updates.   The first update will be released in February. According to the company, compared to last year, there will be a time of one or two weeks between expansions. The reason revolves around changes in the calendar regarding this year's holidays.   Grinding Gear Games has released updates on the game's latest patch on Twitter, also announcing the new elements present in the RPG.   The company has promised that by the middle of this year, even more content will be released (probably during E3). In addition, there is a possibility that an open beta will be available by the end of the year.   The development team is also looking to focus on consoles. This way, patches will be delivered to players faster. One of the big news for the scenario is that Path of Exile will be available on PS4, accompanied by the latest Synthesis expansion.   Learn how to keep your ping low in Path of Exile with our tips.    

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      Posted by Livia Dias

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