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  • Posted 18/05/2020

Over the past week, Gamigo, developer of Archeage and Archeage: Unchained unveiled a new expansion entitled Garden Of The Gods. On their new journey, players will face a mystical world, full of engaging missions, great treasures and dangerous enemies. To begin with, 59 missions will be available, which will provide a broad understanding of the Archeage universe. According to Gamigo, Garden of the Gods will be a major challenge for players, raising the level of difficulty. To survive in this expansion, you will have to face extremely powerful enemies and exciting attacks. Another novelty is the arrival of a pet called Brown Shiba Inu for everyone who arrives at Garden of The Gods. The reward has been available since May 14th. The official launch of the expansion has been confirmed for June 11. However, the developer will release news until the launch of the expansion.  

Build your world in Archeage Unchained, yet don’t let lag dominate.

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  Posted by Livia Dias

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