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Best Gaming VPN - 12 VPNs You Should Know

  • Posted 13/03/2023

Achieving a great gaming experience takes work. It involves multiple factors, from the chair and its comfort to the connection velocity, especially when playing online games. But due to the multitude of Battle Royale, MMOs, open-world games, etc., the server experience is also an essential factor. We need to use a VPN to avoid most problems of ping and lag. But what is the Best Gaming VPN? In this article, we discover it!

Table of Contents:
  • Best Gaming VPN - 12 VPNs You Should Know
  • What Is a Gaming VPN?
  • What Are the Best Gaming VPNs on the Market?
  • NordVPN
  • NoPing
  • ExpressVPN
  • Mozilla VPN
  • Proton VPN
  • Surfshark
  • Windscribe
  • IPVanish VPN
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • AVG Secure VPN
  • The Bottom Line
What Is a Gaming VPN?
VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. But what does it mean? In a few words, VPN services help you to create a safe environment and a private and secure connection to the Internet. A VPN creates a "tunnel" which connects your devices to the Internet, not allowing anything outside it to affect the integrity of the connection. A VPN protects your connection in two ways:
  • Concealing your IP address, which protects your location and identity.
  • Encrypting the traffic between both ends of the connection so that nobody can identify or modify data of the local network.
In this sense, a gaming VPN is the above explanation related to gaming, i.e., this service protects your network connection when playing online games. This way, you can protect your valuable data and even change your location to perform online gaming from other regions of the globe. A gaming VPN also protects your gaming traffic or data when buying products or services related to the gaming industry.
What Are the Best Gaming VPNs on the Market?
Ok, let's get straight to the point! We're here to find out what are the best VPNs for gaming. So, let's analyze the most popular gaming VPN currently on the market.
NordVPN is an excellent gaming VPN service, one of the most recognizable. It is because NordVPN provides your PC gaming with an encrypted and secure tunnel, which brings you private Internet access. This service keeps trackers, cyber pirates, and malware away from your data during your gaming sessions. Besides, thanks to NordVPN, IP addresses are kept hidden so that no one can track your location. In short, NordVPN keeps your browsing history and online identity private and encrypts your internet connection. NordVPN also boasts a Threat Protection Feature, making browsing faster, safer, and smoother without tracking your online movements and actions. This way, you'll protect your data from intrusive ads or when visiting fraudulent URLs. The best of this feature is that it's optional to connect to the VPN server for it to work. The only thing you need to do is enable it in the settings so that Threat Protection will always work in the background. Another crucial point of NordVPN is that it's available on multiple devices to enjoy the security and privacy of your VPN connection on any platform. Some operating systems and platforms you can use NordVPN are Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Android, Edge, and Firefox. Besides, with one NordVPN account, you can secure up to 6 devices simultaneously, which is excellent when playing on different platforms or several gaming servers.
  • Risk-free VPN with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Over 5400 NordVPN servers in 60 countries.
  • Bulletproof security, fast connection speed, and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Extra features to protect your password and files.
  • One of the greatest gaming speeds with 6730 + Mbps.
  • Bad malware-blocking results.
  • A bit expensive.
NoPing is a specialized gaming VPN with a simple setup process providing faster speeds for online games and streamings. Only with one subscription will you have over 1,000 online games you play without ping and at the best performance. Among the games supported by NoPing are Geshin Impact, Fortnite, FIFA20, World of Warcraft Classic, Sid Meier's Civilization VI, and more. Thanks to the user-friendly interface and platform, you can select the game and access the entire list of servers. Selecting the server of your region or country, or other nearby servers, you can check the current ping. This way, you'll always be capable of selecting the best connections with less web traffic and no VPN connection drops. NoPing gaming VPN has more than 1,500 servers around the globe. Its system integrates router support and multiple connections worldwide to ensure reliable speeds. Thank this, you'll avoid lags, delays, and low Fps. NoPing also boasts Turbo Games functionality that improves online games' performance and keyboard response time. This is crucial, especially in shooters or games where you need excellent reaction speeds.
NoPing boasts the lowest ms on the market!
Besides, with NoPing gaming VPN you access geo-blocked games and bypass IP bans from any region of the world. This premium VPN is perfect for gamers who want to play in different parts of the globe and have fast speeds during gaming! Regarding prices, NoPing has a 7-day free trial which you can start now. In this sense, NoPing is one of the best free VPNs for gaming! Try your new low ping and increasing Fps. Besides, your gaming data will stay secure at the same time. Still, the advanced subscription is an excellent service since it's cheap and includes 24/ support for the 1,000 games! No doubt that NoPing is the fastest VPN and the right choice for a PC gamer who wants to get the best out of their performance.
  • More than 1,000 supported games prove that NoPing has been designed with gamers in mind.
  • Over 1,500 dedicated servers around the globe guarantee the best connection possible, allowing you to crush your opponents without any lags.
  • Multiple advanced features to improve speed and minimize ping, ensuring your gaming experience and performance are never hindered by high ping.
  • 7-day free trial – check out the possibilities of NoPing yourself for free.
  • An affiliate program that allows you to make money doing what you like!
  • Only specialized in video games, which can be a con for some.
ExpressVPN, just like its name suggests, is a VPN service focused on providing ultra-fast global access. The VPN servers of ExpressVPN work across a network of high-speed performance that puts your gaming in control. Currently, this performance reaches 94 countries worldwide, such as the United States, Korea, the United Kingdom, and more. ExpressVPN also incorporates the best VPN protocol, a lightway protocol that ensures the highest speeds on the market. Beyond this, ExpressVPN uses an ultra-secure Trustedserver technology that takes charge of your digital security just with one click. Its encryption technology and features allow ExpressVPN to keep your data safe and private on any server network. ExpressVPN works on eight top devices: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Linux, Routers, and Chromebook. Moreover, ExpressVPN has corresponding browser extensions, such as Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • 3 extra months free.
  • Live 24-hour customer support.
  • Support cloud gaming services.
  • More expensive than direct VPN competitors.
  • Difficult to disconnect and reconnect to a different server.
PIA, or Private Internet Access, is a VPN service incorporating port forwarding for better and optimized PC gaming. This is because it has some excellent pros that separate it from most VPNs. This VPN boasts excellent speeds worldwide with an average ping of 13ms. It also does not have logs or IP address leaks. Besides, to keep your gaming data safe, PIA uses the industry-leading WireGuard VPN protocol with AES Encryption. Furthermore, PIA is among the few premium VPN port forwarding settings on Windows and P2P traffic. This allows you to manually optimize your connection to minimize lags and avoid slower speeds. Among all the VPNs, PIA is likely one of the favorite gamers of video content creators. In general, this VPN has good value gaming features and stands out over other competitors. If you want to achieve great speeds when gaming, then it's your choice.
  • One of the lowest ping on the market.
  • A great 2p2 functionality.
  • One of the lowest prices on the market.
  • Not so many countries.
  • There is no Smart DNS available.
Mozilla VPN
Mozilla VPN is a straightforward service provided by the famous search engine, a virtual private network for gaming. This VPN service works in seventeen countries, including the US, France, Germany, the UK, Spain, and more! This VPN for gaming is also great for surfing and streaming while maintaining your privacy online. Thanks to this VPN app, your privacy will always be secure regardless of whether you're using public WiFi, traveling, or whatever. Mozilla VPN uses a secure VPN protocol and runs on a global network of servers. So, your connection, network activity, and IP address will be hidden and encrypted thanks to the advanced WireGuard® protocol.
  • Supports Mozilla.
  • Option to connect up to 5 devices.
  • No bandwidth restrictions.
  • No logging of your network activity.
  • A simple design and straightforward interface.
  •  A few locations.
  • More expensive and limited compared to direct competitors.
Proton VPN
ProtonVPN is a high-standards VPN reliable service that ensures a high-speed Swiss connection, safeguarding your privacy. Since ProtonVPN knows that most VPN providers cannot ensure a secure and bulletproof environment, it puts all its efforts into providing an excellent VPN tunnel. Using this gaming VPN, your traffic is conducted by the tunnel. In this context, your password, data, and payment information will stay safe on untrusted public or house connections. Regarding privacy, this Swiss VPN provider will keep your browsing story private. ProtonVPN never shares data with third parties because its anonymous service enables video games to be played online without surveillance. This way, it has a non-existent impact on your latency, upload speeds, and downloads. Moreover, ProtonVPN incorporates a very interesting feature: the ProtonMail. It keeps users’ conversations private, helping content creators, activists, and journalists protect their work and integrity. Besides, the function breaks down the censorship barriers that nowadays are very common on the Internet. This way, thanks to the remote server of ProtonVPN, you can access any content or website. ProtonVPN provides a free version to the general public. This free VPN for gaming does not have catches or ads. Besides, Proton VPN Free is subsidized by VPN-paid users. Still, if you're interested in getting online privacy support, consider upgrading your subscription to a paid plan for a faster speed for your gaming PC. Finally, Proton VPN uses a 10 Gbps server network combined with a VPN accelerator technology that boosts speeds by 400%. Besides, the advanced network TCP flow control algorithm improves performance and connection stability even more.
  • An easy-to-use interface and platform.
  • Multiple-platform support.
  • Increased speed by 400%
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  •  2,350 servers in 67 countries.
  • The best free VPN version.
  • Awkward ChromeOS implementation.
  • Limited Asia region servers.
  • Limited 2P2 availability.
Surfshark is very likely one of the cheapest VPN services for a gaming server that currently exists on the market. This is a strong pro. Besides, you'll have a series of exciting services paying monthly. Surfshark allows you to browse privately by encrypting your Internet security. This way, no one can track or steal your data. You can also hide your location, change your IP address to avoid tracking, and even play on other servers, improving your Internet speeds and preventing you from queueing. This protection also helps you to stay safe on public WiFi, block ads and malware, keep searches safe, and get actual results when browsing with search engines. Besides, Surfshark allows you to control all your data by protecting your identity with notifications and saving your email accounts. Furthermore, as with every good gaming VPN, Surfshark stops ads from loading with CleanWeb. This way, you save data, boost your download speeds' performance, and prevent your PC gaming from lagging and slow speeds. This high-speed VPN uses IKEv2, OpenVPN, and WireGuard protocols to assure a real-fast performance. The regular connection in the US has a ping of 15 ms and an average download speed of 58.46 Mbps. The latest server hardware makes possible optimized security and speed. All its servers have at least a 1Gbps port connected, meaning the physical connection can handle a lot of traffic. Surfshark uses VPN protocols to boost speed, especially Wireguard lying in the roster, which offers stability and incredible speed to gaming devices. Split tunneling also allows you to set apps and websites that the VPN router won't encrypt.
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • Widely present all over the globe. Multi-hop and split tunneling tools.
  • A high price.
  • Confusing long-term subscription conditions.
Windscribe, just like ProtonVPN and other related services, is one of the best free VPNs you can find on the Internet. Windscribe offers several generous free plans for gamers who have a tight budget. In this sense, Windscribe is a free gaming VPN available for gamers of all ages. Windscribe boasts an extensive global network with over 63 countries and 110 cities. It also allows you to block domains (ads) and IPs of your choice in the devices of your preference. Regarding security, among free VPNs, Windscribe has one of the most robust security and encryption systems on the Internet. This VPN uses an AES-256 cipher with SHA512 auth and a 4096-bit RSA key protocols to keep your data hidden from external intruders. Windscribe also performs a Firewall that blocks all connectivity outside the tunnel. This eliminates leaks and possible malware which can infect your devices. The free plan also turns your computer into a secure Wifi router, keeping all your gaming data completely encrypted and safe. PC gamers will thank this! Due to its free characteristics and features, Windscribe is the best VPN for gaming streaming. Moreover, the data limit is up to 10GB per month, but you can also acquire a subscription and obliterate this limit cap entirely.
  •  Compatible with Netflix.
  • No-log policies.
  • Auto-pilot that picks the best locations for you.
  • Double-hop to proxy your connection through two servers.
  • Limited data usage.
  • One connection at a time.
HMA (HideMyAss!) VPN has the world's largest VPN network. It has a presence in over 290 countries, which is almost all nations in the globe. Very few VPNs, to say none, boast this incredible number of servers. HMA VPN was designed for two types of applications: first, for traveling safely and keeping data secure. Second, for performing an excellent stream no matter if you're streaming from your PC, Xbox, PlayStation, etcetera. HMA VPN has over 160 servers optimized for streaming in over 290 locations worldwide and a server speed of 20 Gbps. This ensures you can watch whatever you want, wherever you are. Thanks to this, you can access streaming services, like Netflix and Amazon Prime, from ultra-fast servers in 190 countries. You can even access it from everywhere, making regions obsolete. What's more, With HideMyAss!, you can access any platform and improve its possibilities. Play your Xbox Games or on your PlayStation or Nintendo Switch without geo-blocks or IP bans, no matter what game server you're connected to. If you prefer to play in some different region due to the bad performance of the connection, you can do it easily with HMA! Besides, your optimized gaming is ensured due to connection speeds. HMA VPN also incorporates a business service that secures the office network due to the Business VPN solutions. This service provides unlimited connections and accounts, discounts for volume, and access to all HMA applications.
  • An impressive number of server locations;
  • Handy IP shuffler;
  • Unlimited data and connections for business accounts;
  • Fester speed tests;
  • A friendly user interface.
  • Not clear where the servers are located;
  • Lacks split tunneling.
IPVanish VPN
IPVanish VPN is a virtual private network service specialized in protecting your privacy. It holds high-speed connections and advanced security features to keep all your data safe when connecting to the Internet, wherever you are. IPVanish VPN works very simply: your Internet traffic is routed through a secure server, a VPN tunnel that protects your online identity and prevents advertisers, ads, and network hackers from catching and accessing your sensitive information. IPVanish VPN provides simplified data protection for mobile devices through the VPN app through advanced settings that protect your online activity. It also simplifies online security when you need local network protection or a WiFi hotspot shield. This service offers setups for major platforms and devices, i.e., desktops, mobile, routers, and consoles. It also performs an anonymous IP address shield to protect your Internet traffic from third-party spying. With this, you can guard your location safe and keep your activity confidential with excellent security. In short, IPVanish VPN incorporates the following specific services:
  • Advanced encryption. Handle personal data and safeguard connections thanks to smart rules and encryption.
  • Online anonymity. Protect your privacy of Internet activity and avoid ISP tracking by keeping your online anonymity.
  • No logs. Protect your VPN connection with a verified and strict no-logs policy.
  • Unmetered connections. Protect all your devices with no data cap.
Finally, IPVanish works on Windows operating system, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and ChromeOS. Most VPN services do not work on all these OS, so IPVanish VPN is a good choice if you use multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Unlimited connections at the same time.
  • A good number of servers are spread worldwide.
  • It has one of the best user-friendly apps.
  • Few privacy features.
  • Dated Interface.
CyberGhost VPN
The name of this VPN service is perfect for explaining the main focus of its features. CyberGhost provides comprehensive and deep digital privacy, making this VPN a great alternative when you travel frequently or play a video game in different regions or servers. It's also focused on anonymity and does not share your personal data with prying eyes, institutions, or third parties. CyberGhost also performs data restriction and leak protection, so you'll be sure your gaming information will be safe, thanks to OpenVPN protocols. The most crucial aspect of CyberGhost is that it does not share your IP address, browsing history, accessed websites, session durations, bandwidth usage, and VPN server connections. CyberGhost VPN allows you to create the VPN tunnel in up to seven devices secured simultaneously. In addition to occupying this VPN to protect your Windows, Mac, or Android devices, you can also protect your smart TV, gaming consoles, and routers. This VPN service is the ultimate safeguard against malicious threats. In short, CyberGhost VPN keeps your Internet activity hidden from anyone watching, including hackers, the government, advertisers, and your ISP. Besides, it's great for gamers looking to avoid lag and ISP throttling.
  • Seven simultaneous connections.
  • Incredible speed test scores.
  • Well-distributed server fleet.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Confusing privacy policies.
AVG Secure VPN
AVG Secure VPN is a good VPN service for multi-device households or when your huge family group wants to share a secure connection. This service provides basic privacy features to secure your WifI regardless of the region you are in or the server you use. It also provides a standard encrypted connection, so nobody can see what you're doing online. AVG Secure VPN provides you with a list of anonymous servers in many countries, so you can choose your preference and stream as you live in that country.
Is this VPN good for gaming?
Yes, it provides some features for better security and low latency, but AVG Secure is not better than other paid and free options we mentioned earlier. It offers an average ping, and streaming sites have better options. Still, it's a simple and powerful VPN service for familiar environments that require the fastest speeds of connections and secure online activities and information, such as data logging, from external eyes.
  •  Ten simultaneous devices.
  • Transparent and straightforward policies.
  • Simple interface.
  • Fewer server locations.
  • Inflexible long-term subscriptions.
The Bottom Line
Selecting the Best Gaming VPN is a challenge. There are so many options on the Internet that the correct answer slips through the cracks. Still, we have an approximate answer thanks to the article we've written. NoPing VPN stands over other options since it only specializes in gaming performance. Not for nothing, many influencers and pro players use it worldwide. NoPing is a top VPN in this sense, boasting one of the best prices on the market. If you want to achieve a ping that will give you a competitive edge, it should be your choice. Gaming in 2023 requires a service like that offered by NoPing!

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