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Guild Wars 2 Update Brings Polished Features, WvW Reward Changes

  • Posted 16/03/2023

Guild Wars 2's recent update concentrates on refining various aspects of the game, including certain profession skill adjustments and modifications to World vs. World (WvW) rewards. ArenaNet's development team relies on community feedback and player behavior data to determine which features need improvement. The latest WvW reward changes in Guild Wars 2 transitioned to an Objective Scaling rewards system, designed to incentivize players who actively participate in securing objectives. This encouraged direct conflict and objective completion for enhanced rewards. However, the current patch retracts some elements that contributed to these rewards, particularly repairing walls and gates. This change comes after data revealed that some players exploited the Objective Scaling Rewards by repeatedly performing these tasks, occasionally wasting supplies. While these tasks remain relevant for event participation rewards, such as Keep Keeper, they will no longer count towards objective progress on their own. Another notable alteration this week involves the removal of the keycard cap for the Gyala Delve meta-event. Now, certain stages that previously required keycards will be accessible independently. Additionally, the Ancient Outcast's Mining Caches no longer need keycards to open; however, they will only appear following a boss fight. Consequently, keycard exchange prices have been reduced. The update also addresses various quest and achievement-related bugs, including those that prevented goal completion or caused essential items to vanish. Although primarily focused on fixes and adjustments, the update aims to deliver an improved gaming experience. Initially, the patch introduced the replacement of Coherent UI with the Chromium Embedded Framework, but this was reversed due to a crash issue that the development team is currently investigating. To enhance your Guild Wars 2 experience, a stable connection is crucial. NoPing can help improve your connection, providing a smoother gaming experience with reduced latency and increased FPS. Check out NoPing's website and start your free trial to see the benefits for yourself.

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