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Lost Ark Introduces "The Art of War" Update, Featuring The Artist Class, New RvR Mode, and Connection Enhancements with NoPing

  • Posted 16/03/2023

Lost Ark welcomes "The Art of War" update today, bringing with it the first Specialist Advanced Class, The Artist, a new 48x48 Realm vs. Realm (RvR) mode, balance changes, gold tweaks, and the Punika Powerpass, along with other progression events. NoPing can enhance your gaming experience by improving your connection as you explore these new features. The Artist is the first of many Specialist Advanced Classes in Lost Ark. Although she may appear to have lower attack power, her brush and unique paint and ink-based abilities make her a versatile class. She can either increase damage output for herself and nearby allies or act as a top-tier team support, restoring HP and providing shielding. The Artist excels in party play, offering two distinct Engravings tailored to her dual roles. PvP enthusiasts will enjoy the new Tulubik Battlefield instance, an RvR mode that builds on Rowen's recent introduction and the accompanying faction choice. To participate, players must have an item level of 1490 and a Faction Rank of 3. The Tulubik Battlefield offers a full 96-player experience with complete rewards during regular match times. In between, "friend matches" ranging from 30 to 96 players provide a more casual experience, with randomized opposing teams and different rewards. The Punika Powerpass, Hyper Express Plus, and Story Express progression events help level up and gear characters. Combined with the new Ark Pass season and a login campaign for players returning after a 30-day absence, these events offer various rewards. While these new features stand out, the update also includes numerous balance changes, technical fixes, and gold adjustments. Gold changes aim to counter botting and introduce a new gold sink. A 5% fee will now apply to loot auctions after clearing dungeons and raids, affecting any amount exceeding 100,000 gold if loot drops are sold later. To fully enjoy Lost Ark's "The Art of War" update, a stable connection is essential. NoPing can enhance your gaming experience by reducing latency and increasing FPS. Visit NoPing's website to learn more about their services and start a free trial.

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