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ArcheAge War Online Showcase Highlights Exciting Features and Improved Connection with NoPing

  • Posted 16/03/2023

Kakao Games and its subsidiary studio XLGAMES recently presented an online showcase for their upcoming PC and mobile MMORPG, ArcheAge War. Scheduled to launch on March 21, 2023, in South Korea, the game has already seen character name reservations for the first seven servers filled within two hours, expanding to over 16 servers before its launch. Here are some key points from the media showcase event for ArcheAge War. ArcheAge War is set in the world of ArcheAge before the continent was divided into East and West. The developers aim to deliver a game with an "improved level of perfection" based on ArcheAge's in-depth lore and character settings. Combat has been upgraded for a more "PvP-oriented" experience, with faster attack speeds and enhanced impact for all characters. Game optimization was a crucial focus during development, ensuring that "hundreds of users" can comfortably enjoy battles and adventures in a seamless open world. This is true for both PC and mobile cross-play environments. New features include the ability to ally with a race that was hostile in the original ArcheAge and defeat enemies within the same race. Players can choose from five playable races, each with access to various weapons, such as one-handed swords, two-handed swords, daggers, bows, and staffs. Unique builds can be created based on passive and active skills, including chain skills that link with party members or are assigned to vehicles. Post-launch, large-scale battles, such as sieges, will be added to determine the strongest player on the server, along with realm dungeons and realm sieges. Naval combat will also be expanded, featuring torpedoes, movement speed increase techniques, and more. Players can band together to defeat boss monsters and protect artifacts from being stolen during timed events. ArcheAge War will support DLSS and FSR technologies for a more immersive experience on high-end PC systems. It will also link to the chat app KakaoTalk, enabling remote play, character status notifications, and checking item prices. No information about an overseas launch has been announced. To optimize your gaming experience and reduce latency, NoPing offers improved connection services. Visit NoPing's website to learn more and start a free trial.

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