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Aion: New update - See how important NoPing is for your success in the game

  • Posted 16/03/2023

Aion is releasing update 8.4 Part 2 on April 5th, which includes the new raid Flameruin Legion. The update will also introduce new Sacred Relics for Empyrean Lords Vaizel and Triniel, as well as new Empyrean Lord amulets. The Flameruin Legion Raid will take place 30 hours after the start of the Ardath raid and will occur in Operation Site 7 and 8. However, the start time may change depending on the occupation of the Apsaranta operation site. If it overlaps with other raids that occur in Apsaranta, the Flameruin Legion Raid will end, and the time will be reset. In addition to the new raid, Aion's update 8.4 will introduce new collections and items for players to discover. For more information, players can check out the official Aion site for the full patch notes. To fully enjoy Aion's new content, players need a stable and optimized connection. That's where NoPing comes in. NoPing offers reduced ping and latency, increased FPS, and solutions for packet loss and jitter. By improving your connection to the game server, NoPing can eliminate lag and disconnects, allowing you to focus on the game and enjoy a smoother experience. Improve your gameplay and try NoPing today.

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