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Apex Legends’ Sun Squad Collection Event start

  • Posted 28/03/2023

Respawn Entertainment has launched a new collection event in Apex Legends called "Sun Squad," which features new swimsuit skins for players' favorite legends. Players can purchase these skins using Apex Coins or Crafting Materials. The event also introduces a new limited-time mode called "Gold Rush Duos," where players are paired up with a teammate and drop into a small section of Kings Canyon with gold weapons and attachments. The objective is to be the last team standing.   However, players may still face issues such as high ping, latency, FPS drops, lag, packet loss, and jitter, which can lead to disconnects during gameplay. To solve these problems, NoPing offers a solution that can reduce ping, increase FPS, and provide a stable connection to prevent lag, packet loss, jitter, and disconnects. With NoPing's software, players can optimize their connection by reducing latency and improving their overall gaming experience. NoPing ensures a smooth and stable connection, improving players' performance in Apex Legends and other online games. Say goodbye to ping spikes and enjoy a seamless gaming experience with NoPing.

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