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GTA Online: The Hated Jet Bike Gets a Big Price Increase

  • Posted 14/04/2023

Rockstar Games has recently made changes to the Grand Theft Auto Online game by increasing the price of the MK II jet bike and nerfing its abilities. The price of the MK II jet bike has increased from $4.7 million to $8 million in-game currency. This bike was very popular among players as it was one of the fastest and most agile vehicles in the game. The bike's nerfing has also impacted its abilities. The MK II jet bike's homing missile capacity has been reduced to 20 missiles from 60, and its speed has been decreased as well. These changes have caused dissatisfaction among players, as it makes it more difficult to complete missions that require the use of the MK II jet bike.   However, players can improve their gaming experience and reduce lag issues by using NoPing. NoPing is a software that helps gamers reduce latency, FPS drops, packet loss, jitter, and disconnects while playing their favorite games. By using NoPing, players can enjoy smoother gameplay, faster responses, and avoid the frustration of lag and disconnects. With NoPing, gamers can achieve a better online gaming experience, whether playing Grand Theft Auto Online or any other online game.

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