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Ballistic: The New Hero of Apex Legends

  • Posted 25/04/2023

Respawn Entertainment, the developer behind Apex Legends, has announced a new character for Season 17 of the popular battle royale game. The new legend, named "Ballistic," was showcased in a trailer released by the studio. Ballistic is described as a "sharpshooter," with abilities that allow for increased accuracy and mobility on the battlefield. The trailer shows the character using a grappling hook to swing across the map, as well as a specialized rifle that fires explosive rounds. The addition of Ballistic to Apex Legends is sure to excite fans of the game, who are always eager to try out new legends and gameplay mechanics. Season 17 is set to begin on May 3, and players can expect to see Ballistic and other new features added to the game at that time.   For players looking to improve their experience in Apex Legends, there is NoPing. NoPing is a gaming VPN that can significantly reduce latency and ping, increase FPS, and solve issues related to lag, packet loss, jitter, and disconnects. With NoPing, players can enjoy smoother gameplay and better performance in Apex Legends and other online games. Try NoPing today and take your gaming to the next level.

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