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WoW Best Solo Class - [10 Great Classes for Playing Solo]

  • Posted 11/07/2023

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Meta Description: What is the WoW Best Solo Class? This is a good question since multiple options with unique skills and capacities are available. Here you learn what is the best



There are thirteen major classes in WoW, and several specializations that remark slight differences between specs. In this context, many new players may need guidance about the best choice to start. And this makes all the sense since a novice needs to learn about ability effects, magical immunities, unique skills, or the enemy damage classes can receive. 

Besides, there are apparent differences between PvE and PvP, and the best class is sometimes different for both contexts. This WoW Best Solo Class article addresses this crucial aspect of playing solo through Azeroth with no more than your own abilities and knowledge. 

Table of Contents: 

WoW Best Solo Class - 

Which Are the WoW Best Solo Class? 

1. Windwalker Monk (DPS) 

2. Guardian Druid (Tank) 

3. Discipline Priest (Healer) 

4. Vengeance Demon Hunter (Tank) 

5. Subtlety Rogue (DPS) 

6. Blood Death Knight (Tank) 

7. Frost Mage (DPS)

8. Balance Druid (DPS) 

9. Beast Mastery Hunter (DPS) 

10. Protection Paladin (Tank) 

The Bottom Line 



Which Are the WoW Best Solo Class? 


Although each class will provide you with a unique gaming experience, you need to be clear that your experience relies mainly on your skills and exploration desires, as well as an optimal Internet connection. 

No matter if you're a master in your class and specialization, you can't shine with your true colors if you have lag or ping problems. To avoid this, having a VPN, such as NoPing software, it's crucial to keep your connection stable and your game connecting to the best server possible. 


1. Windwalker Monk (DPS)



The Windwalker Monk is a martial artist who defeats enemies with fists and hands, using a combination of mana and a range of stances. This is a genuinely hybrid class with abilities that combine healing and damage and uses statues to empower their abilities. 

Windwalker Monks also are capable of creating Chi spheres which bring multiple benefits. It helps to create a mobile battlefield where you can move quickly to attack and restore health.

The Windwalker Monk is highly effective at defeating enemies at high speed. They are also great counterattackers with multiple attacks, such as rolling, flying, and kicks. 

Windwalker Monks find themselves switching between targets and abilities while producing enough chi for deadly hits. They put special emphasis on quick strikes and AoE. 


● Great AoE abilities and single-target solid attacks. 

● Several movement skills to keep up or away. 

● Close to no damage loss when they switch the target. 


2. Guardian Druid (Tank) 




Druids are another hybrid class that uses shape-shifting to take animal forms and get unique abilities to help allies in and without the battle. The guardian tank takes a Bear Form, which provides them with high armor. 

They can use Range, a primary resource that allows them to execute specific abilities. They can mitigate damage or even self-heal. 

When they transform, they can use the additional forms Travel Form, Aquatic Form, and Flight Form as they level up. 

Although this ability does not work when playing solo, they can bring allies back from death, restore their mana, strengthen them, and empower abilities thanks to Heart of the Wild.


● They can neutralize enemy burst damage into manageable amounts. ● A good amount of self-regeneration. 

● High mobility when adopting other animal forms. 


3. Discipline Priest (Healer) 




Priests are the invokers of light and darkness whose mission is to help and service people. They are great for supporting allies in war-torn lands and self-healing during the battle and outside the conflict. 

Priests specialize in damage mitigation, using shields to protect their charges. 

Discipline Priests are excellent at single-target healing. They can keep a single target alive and heal by dealing damage. Still, the best ability of these specs is damage absorption. They are also known for their dispelling capabilities. 

Discipline Priests heal as much as the damage they deliver, which is excellent for solo play or when you want to adopt a strategy with defensive abilities. In this sense, a good plan is to find multiple enemies and make them go through the shield. 

Since you can fight while healing, Discipline Priest has become one of the best solo classes currently in World of Warcraft and stands out as the only healer spec. 


● Excellent AoE damage that heals you.

● Self-sustain and constant shields. 

● Great mitigating damage. 


4. Vengeance Demon Hunter (Tank) 




Hunters focus on delivering ranged weapon damage with guns, bows, or crossbows as their primary source of damage. Demon hunters are great to play solo since they can defeat multiple targets at a distance and safety. 

Vengeance demon hunters gather soul fragments, allowing them to gain more energy and heal. 

Despite being an excellent tank, the Vengeance Demon Hunter has great mobility on the battlefield. Just like the previous spec, the Demon Hunter heals based on the amount of damage they take. In this sense, creating and absorbing Soul Fragments from your enemies will help you to regenerate while fighting. This turns it into an excellent healer spec! 

For those reasons, Vengeance Demon Hunters are the best class for solo players just starting in WoW. 


● Unlimited mobility and kiting potential. 

● Unique self heals during combat. 

● Great damage abilities, either melee or ranged.


5. Subtlety Rogue (DPS) 




Subtlety Rogue is a dark stalker that uses exceptional techniques to obliterate its enemies. They commonly initiate combat from the shadow by delivering vicious melee strikes. They also use a smooth combination of attacks leading directly to a killing blow. 

Using its ability, Shadow Dance, Subtlety Rogues can use powerful stealth abilities to go through the battle. In this sense, the Subtlety Rogue is one of the best melee DPS classes in WoW. 

If you know how to use stealth abilities, your fight will be more fruitful. This DPS spec is the very definition of stealth in battle and out of it. 

A dark stalker hidden in the shadows that pounces on its prey to ambush it. They are masters of Daggers. 


● You can decide when to start a battle or not. 

● High burst damage bypassing a percentage of damage. 

● Good crowd control with multiple abilities.


6. Blood Death Knight (Tank) 




Blood Death Knights are the undead juggernauts of Azeroth. They combine martial prowess with dark and are great tanks by using AoE attacks and disease DoTs, which help keep enemies' attention. 

These knights use a two-part resource system known as Rune System, which is excellent for power abilities. To do this, you need Runes, which periodically regenerate. 

Blood Death Knights can mitigate damage by using a vast arsenal of defense abilities, increasing their parry, and managing immunities. 

They engage their enemies up close, supplementing their weapons with dark magic that drags foes into one-on-one conflicts. This is great for keeping their attacks away from allies or weaker companions. 

The Blood Death Knight manipulates and corrupts life energy to survive when they face enemies. 


● Great damage capabilities and strong self-sustain. 

● Several abilities for defense, such as Vampiric Blood and Anti-Magic Shell. ● Excellent repositioning with Gorefiend’s Grasp.


7. Frost Mage (DPS) 




Frost Mage is, for many players, the WoW best class since they are the masters of controlling the battlefield with DPS and instant-cast spells. Frost Mages can slow down their foes to maintain a safe distance between themselves and their enemies. 

With passives, such as Finger of Frost, and Brain Freeze, you create a window to burst down your enemies with instant-cast spells. If a single target nukes you, you can always freeze them and take your distance to restart the cycle of pain. 

In this sense, Frost Mage is a great class to turn cold battles and avoid incoming damage. The enemy blood will turn cold, and the target's health bar will be drained quickly. 

Among all excellent solo classes, Frost Mage is one of the best, with the most robust AoE presence. Freeze enemies in their tracks and shatters them with the magic of winter. 


● Unique AoE cap and crowd control abilities. 

● Multiple combos for dealing massive burst damage. 

● Awesome movement utility from Teleport spells.


8. Balance Druid (DPS) 




Balance Druids mix the power of arcane and nature magic to annihilate enemies. 

They are versatile warriors who can fulfill every team role, tanking, healer, and damage dealing. They focus on improving the strengths and powers of their nature and their life-giving healing magic. 

As a solo class, Balance Druids can go from attacking a single target to quickly destroying an entire group, making it one of a few classes with this power. 

Besides, the Balance Druid's eclipse will melt through enemies and empower their strengths. They manage a great balance between solar and lunar state, providing them with multiple benefits. 

Balance Druids are probably one of the best solo classes in World of Warcraft, although they require a deep understanding of attacking and defending to get the most out of it. 


● Bear form + barkskin becomes the strongest combination of the game. ● They boast Celestial Alignment, one of the highest single-target burst damage in WoW. ● Unique target swapping thanks to Starsurge.


9. Beast Mastery Hunter (DPS) 




Beast Mastery Hunters are masters of taming various beasts to leverage their abilities in combat. They always prefer bows, crossbows, and guns to attack from a distance and take advantage of their position on the battlefield. 

Contrary to other classes, Beast Mastery Hunters are the rulers of their environment, using the ground and geography to lay traps to capture the enemy. They also lead good single-target damage on their own, and the beast will help them to diversify their damage. 

They do their best with their resources and are specialized in skills used for the powers of kill command, such as Bestial Wrath and Cobra Shot. 

The Beast Mastery Hunter class is excellent for a solo player seeking great survivability in the wilderness of Azeroth. Still, success with this class requires an effective strategy containing all the available resources. 

Beast Mastery Hunters are a great choice for dealing with any content solo if it's your second or third character in WoW Shadowlands or Dragonflight since dominating range attacks can take a while. 


● Amazing mobility across the battlefield. 

● Multiple utilities to fight off the enemy. 

● One of the most competitive single-target damage in WoW.


10. Protection Paladin (Tank) 




Paladins are justice and honor since they deal with evil forces to protect the weak and bring justice to the unjust. Dying is not a choice for them as they go to every corner of the world to defeat darkness and the most formidable foes. 

Protection Paladins are the strongest, using the holy power and the light's protection to stand directly against their enemies and survive, thanks to their incredible strength, armor, and determination. 

This tank spec uses holy magic to protect themselves and defend allies from aggression and attackers. They counterattack with their sword, axe, mace, or shield. 

This is the right choice for players who like to strike, defend, and have direct combat without space for speculation. If you want to face other enemies face to face, the Protection Paladin is the solo class for you. 


● They have the strongest AoE of all the tanks. 

● Powerful auras for defense. 

● Immunities and abilities that get them out of trouble


Tips for Playing Solo in WoW 




Below we're giving tips to improve your strong single target and solid AoE damage in WoW and be the best solo player. 


Choose Your Class Wisely 


In this article, we've provided you ten best classes for playing solo in WoW. But what is the best? This a tricky question. Although the Protection Paladin or the Balance Druid are excellent choices, you must select the one that fits your gaming style. If you like direct confrontation, then the Paladin or the Subtlety Rogue are wise options. If you prefer to attack from a distance and have more strategy gaming, the Frost Mage or the Discipline Priest are good choices. 


Ensure a Perfect Internet Connection 


No matter if you're a master in your class and specialization, you can't shine with your true colors if you have lag or ping problems. To avoid this, having a VPN, such as NoPing software, it's crucial to keep your connection stable and your game connecting to the best server possible. 


Use the Proper Gear and Equipment 


Using the right choice regarding gear and equipment can save you and make the difference between living and dead. It's good to have a complete armor set since it will provide you with

special bonuses. You can also upgrade some special items to make them even more powerful. And remember to use enchanting items to give additional benefits to your equipment. 


Leveling As Soon As Possible 


Azeroth is full of dangerous corners and landscapes that inhabit creatures with several levels over yours. In this context, farming to level up your character is crucial to survive when you find difficult-to-defeat enemies. In this sense, you'll also have the strongest AoE presence, capable of facing all kinds of enemies. 


The Bottom Line 


Choices lead to good or not-so-good experiences in both life and gaming. The class you choose in WoW is the same; it'll determine your path through the lands of Azeroth. We hope we have helped you to make your decision better.


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