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WoW – Best PvP Class to Conquer Them All!

  • Posted 14/07/2023

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Meta Description: If you were looking for WoW – best PvP class – you came to the right place!




World of Warcraft – love it or hate it, but it is still one of the best games ever created by mankind. Warriors all over Azeroth are facing fantastic battles for glory to become the one who is slightly better than their friends so that they can laugh at them for no apparent reason. 

In this article, we will make that dream come true. We will show you how you can beat all the odds and come on top when fighting in those PvP battles we all love. 

We will explain everything in detail for everyone who enjoys a little World of Warcraft. From beginners to pros. From 2v2 to RBG. In this article, you will change from boys (or girls) to men (or women), from men to gladiators, and from gladiators to Swansons. And that is a promise! Let’s dive in! 

Table of Contents 

WoW – Best PvP Class to Conquer Them All! 

Table of Contents 

General PvP Tips and Tricks 

World of Warcraft PvP Benefits

Best PvP Classes for Beginners 

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight – 2v2 Best Classes 

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight 3v3 Best Classes 

Best PvP Class for Rated Battlegrounds (RBGS) 

Best PvP Class for Solo Shuffle 

World of Warcraft Dragonflight Tier List 

WoW Best PvP Class – Conclusion 


General PvP Tips and Tricks




But before we dive into the whole tier-listing thing, let’s talk a bit about some essential tips for the PvP. 


Get to Know the Game 


The most important thing you can do in the PvP arena is to understand the game in detail. Whether it’s your weaknesses or your enemy’s, you can get better at finding those weak spots when you know about them and, similarly – protecting your own. Memorize the cooldowns to get in the action between them, know when your caster’s spell is going to kick in and get into the weeds of everything to find the best moment to strike.


Keep Your Internet in Check 


The most annoying thing for most World of Warcraft players is when they are experiencing connectivity issues. You have to pinpoint your rotation to a millisecond, and if you are not keeping your cooldowns in check because your ISP is sending you some missing packets, then you will most likely die a horrible death. 

So, keep the internet well-being as low as it’s possible! You can try contacting your ISP or checking out gaming VPN services such as NoPing that can help you keep your connection stable, lower your ping and maximize your class potential. 


Position Yourself 


Understand your class, and know its limitation. If you are a healer, don’t get into some muddy action, and if someone gets in your face – disengage. Positioning yourself on the battlefield can make some incredible difference in the early game. Just imagine killing off the ranged DPS upfront, what are they going to do next with your Hunter’s beasts? It may seem like a detail, but when it comes to a few percentage points that can scale things in your favor, in a close battle, it’s a no-brainer. 


World of Warcraft PvP Benefits




People tend to avoid PvP, especially when starting, because it may be challenging and hard, but it could not be further from the truth. And – you can earn some pretty good rewards while going there. 

With every expansion, you get plenty of additional gear that you cannot find by just playing the game and grinding. Oftentimes, it’s one of the best in the game, so trying out some PvP Action can get you far! 


Best PvP Classes for Beginners 


Let’s start with something simple and easy – the beginners. Those who are just stepping into World of Warcraft are trying to create a name for themselves on the servers. Well, we have a treat for you. There are many classes in World of Warcraft, so it’s understandable that you may feel unease regarding the vast choice possible. 

Well, the freighting times are over. During the latest Dragonflight expansion, some changes have influenced the tier lists, and we will include those below. Of course, be sure. to research if you like. Maybe you are still in the Classic era, trying to pull off the fire mage for the 100th time. 

For those who want something more in the competitive WoW environment – we encourage you to check out our list! 


Marksmanship Hunter 


First up on our list the excellent, one and only – Marksmanship Hunter. Hunter's class was always great for beginners as it was always welcoming and easy to navigate. 

Skills are pretty straightforward, and single-target damage always made the gameplay feel easier to use compared with some other classes. 

And, because of those reasons, it’s always great for some PvP actions. The most important ability in the case of a Marksmanship Hunter is the Aimed Shot, as it delivers monstrous damage from up far. The traps and pets that you have can guard you safe from potential issues and make it one of the best and easiest classes to use in a beginner’s PvP arena. 


Beast Mastery Hunter 


Next up on our list is the famous Beast Mastery Hunter. Similarly to the previous one, it is a rather easy-to-use class that puts a lot of elements between you and the enemy. In this case – a lot of beasts. The most important thing to remember with Beast Mastery Hunter is pet management. You must effectively govern your beasts and keep the damage rotation in order.

The worst thing about this is that it doesn’t have “the finisher.” There is no big attack that you can end the fight with when the enemy is having some issues. You must rely on constant damage and dodging enemy attacks rather than hitting them hard with one blow. 


Retribution Paladin 


Skipping to the next class, we have the beloved (irony included) Retribution, Paladin. This is an all-around class. You have your big money shots to burst out some melee damage, lots of utility spells, and overall – it’s really hard to kill one. 

You have your strong Divine Shield, with some Blessing of Protection/Sacrifice and additional Lay on Hands off-heal, and you are pretty much invincible against most beginner enemies. 

Like – who can hurt you more than you can hurt yourself by playing this stiff Paladin class? No one. 


Fury Warrior 


Fury Warrior. Let that sink in. So, it’s one of the easiest DPS classes in the game. It’s your basic experience with most games – you have a big stick, beat the bad guys with a stick, go somewhere else, repeat. And that’s pretty much it. 

And – that is also why this is one of the best builds for beginners. You have everything you need to know in the single basic click–punch. The rotation is also pretty simple, so you will not get overwhelmed with thousands of moves that you need to remember constantly. Just pick whatever is available and Execute them all in a finishing move! 


Elemental Shaman 


Next on our list is the Elemental Shaman, the first and only spell-casting class in our beginner’s guide. The main thing you need to understand about this build is the balance that it offers. It’s not only a ranged attack you need to focus on. It’s not only utility that you can provide or crowd control. It’s the most Zen of the beginner’s classes, as you need to be perfectly between every aspect of the game. And then just hit them with the lightning bolt, and that’s it. 

Pretty straightforward, isn’t it? Well, it may be the hardest class to master for the beginner, but it’s very rewarding in the long run, as you can do a lot of things with an Elemental Shaman that you knew from playing other fantasy games.


World of Warcraft: Dragonflight – 2v2 Best Classes




Next we have our 2v2 arena tier list for the most advanced gamers that can really do some damage. There are plenty of powerful DPS classes, with many different variations that we will go into. So, without further ado, let’s get into some serious PvP action with our first picks! 


Assassination Rogue/Discipline Priest 


This is the ultimate PvP duo that players worldwide fear to see. Incredible damage output, practically unkillable and you just can’t get close enough to punch them in the face. 

Rogue gives out some insane burst damage while the Priest controls the area and heals all the friendly characters. Additionally, you just can’t catch the Rogue due to their high mobility that players often combine with Leap of Faith and Angelic Feather from Priest. It’s a highly annoying combination, and that is probably the best review of those guys. 


Survival Hunter/Discipline Priest 


Next up we have a similar combo, only this time, rather than focusing on the evading tactics, we are all in in-the-range combat. Survival Hunter attacks the enemies from the other side of the arena, sets up traps so that no one is able to approach them, and just blasts everyone up far.

Priest, on the other hand, does what they always do, annoyingly, which is – healing everyone and providing some good crowd control. 


Assassination Rogue/Resto Druid 


Next we have the Assassination Rogue and Resto Druid combo so that we can stop talking about what the priest can do. Rogue, as usual - high burst damage and some good crowd control. 

Druid, as they do, heals and kills everything in sight. Both classes are known for how hard it is to catch them, so you will be running in circles when fighting those two. 


Feral Druid/Preservation Evoker 


Next, for something completely different, you can try out the powerful combination of the Feral Druid and Preservation Evoker, especially after the 10.0.7 patch. Druids in this version create some big melee damage and are able to keep the minions and other unfriendly characters at bay while the Evokers are healing and supporting the Druid’s attacks. It really looks like a coach that gives steroids to the athlete in the arena, and that is exactly how it feels competing against them. 


Discipline Priest/Outlaw Rogue 


And finally, starting and ending with – the Priest/Rogue combo. Similarly to the first one on this list, both classes can provide some pretty good evasion tactics, while also being extremely good at dealing some burst damage, especially with the Rogue skills. 

Extremely annoying, very potent, and just overall almost unbeatable. Definitely worth checking out!


World of Warcraft: Dragonflight 3v3 Best Classes 




So, now that we know all there is to know about the 2v2 and beginner’s arena picks, let’s go down to where the action is – the biggest, the hardest, the most incredible fights in the 3v3 PvP arena! Those fights are for the rather experienced players as they are much harder to coordinate between different classes and skills. So, let’s get ready to rumble and see what kind of tricks we may have in our sleeves. 


Assassination Rogue/Arcane Mage and Discipline Priest/Preservation Evoker 


The one, the only trio on the top of our list is the Rogue/Mage/Priest combo with some Evoker eventuality. These guys can do some incredible damage when forced to, creating some insane combos that are pretty hard to beat. 

Rogue is creating some burst damage, Mage attacking from far away, and the Priest/Evoker is doing the crowd control and healing, while still being able to attack. This weird “Rat King” kind-of situation has little to no weak points, especially after the latest patch. 


Shadow Priest/Assassination Rogue/Resto Shaman 


But – if it’s not something you would enjoy, you can always go for the Priest/Rogue/Shaman combo that also pairs itself pretty well. In this case, the Shadows Priest is essentially what Arance Mage was in the previous combo, Rogue is Rogue, and Resto Shaman plays the

utility/healing part in this team. You can also swap Resto Shaman for the Holy Paladin or Druid as well. 


Beast Mastery Hunter/Feral Druid/Discipline Priest 


As you have probably seen, it’s mostly – 2 x attack classes, and one support/healing. And that’s no different in this amazing Hunter/Druid/Priest combo. Even after the Nerf, Feral Druid is still going strong and able to get out some big AoE damage, while Hunter is still one of the best classes for burst damage so it all works out well in the end! 


Demon Hunter/Death Knight and Resto Shaman/Holy Paladin 


And now for something completely different – we have the attacking combo! Demon Hunter and Death Knight are a pretty good combo that focuses on getting out some big damage and getting all the enemies in one place. Then, a Holy Paladin can attack and heal at the same time. And, if you feel like you don’t have enough healing in your team, you can always go for the Resto 



Arcane Mage/Windwalker Monk/Resto Druid 


In this combo, it’s all about the defense, isolating individual players and killing them off on the side. This is a bit harder to pull off, but it can be pretty great when it comes to some great 3v3 plays. 

Windwalker Monk is a versatile class that can do pretty much anything in the DPS class, Arcane Mage is an obvious sniper and attacker and the Resto Druid is perfect for some mobility-based damage. It may not be an S tier, but it’s still a pretty good combo that will get you far if you opt for the defense style of play. 


Best PvP Class for Rated Battlegrounds (RBGS) 


So, what are Rated Battlegrounds you may ask? Well, it’s a premade battleground of teams in a 10v10 kind of action, so it can get pretty heated. You need to be extremely precise when getting into those Arenas, as there are a lot of restrictions in this style of play. 

So, when it comes to picking the right class for RBGS, there are a lot of things to consider. For example, if you capture the flag map, there are other things at stake than if you would get the domination map. A “normal” tier list just can’t apply to so many variables in this. The most versatile character for that would probably be the Havoc Demon Hunter which is pretty fast and

can be an asset not only when it comes to getting somewhere fast, but have some major damage output and pretty good crowd control. Is it the perfect choice? Well, of course not, but it is much better than most. 


Best PvP Class for Solo Shuffle 


Solo Shuffle is a new addition to Dragonflight so it’s a pretty fresh element to the whole PvP world. But, there is one true king when it comes to Solo Shuffle that makes this style of playing a little bit tedious, to be honest, and that is – Arms Warrior. And that’s pretty much it. It just kills you, most of the time. If you don’t have anything it can focus on, it will focus on you. And will kill you. Fast. 


World of Warcraft Dragonflight Tier List




Class Description


Arms Warrior Warrior is shining after the patch in the PvP. Ignore Pain 

is a powerful skill, and with 

the Assassination nerf – there 

is no competition for this 

class anymore.

Restoration Shaman Always the best choice when choosing the best 

offensive/defensive combo. 

May be a bit less healing than 

others but the damage output 

makes it all okay in our book. 

Retribution Paladin With some changes in the latest patch, this is definitely 

the S-tier choice. Wall ability 

gives you some amazing 

non-bubble protection. One of 

the strongest melee builds in 

the game.

Beast Mastery Hunter It’s pretty obvious, but, as you could see in the main article, 

it is just an overall versatile






Demonology Warlock The bestWarlockoutofall Warlocks. Nerfs could not get 

them, andsodidplayers. The 


additional healingreduction 


in the PvP battles. 

Mistweaver Monk Some say it’s the class that is good and everything and 

great at nothing. Well, in our 

ranks, if it’s good at 

everything, it’s sufficient to be 

an S-tier class. Currently, its 

versatility shows mostly in the 

healing department as having 

a healer who can also punch 

is something rather 



HolyPaladinWell, it’safall fromgracebut notthatmuch. Eventhough 


cost”nerf, it’sstill apowerful 

class almost unmoveable in 

the PvP. If Blizzard would 

decide to un-nerf it – it will 

jump up to S-tier in a matter 

of seconds. 

Discipline Priest No one likes priests, but if they have to play it, they are 

extremely powerful. Still, after 

Nerfs, it isconsideredoneof 

themostpowerful healers in 

thegame. Theirdiscipline is 


as they can be helpful in each 



Restoration Druid One of themostchill classes



ever, always in the A-tier, 

always half a mile from the 

action, but still capable of 

healing. A long-range healer 

likes not to have many in this 


Survival Hunter Definitely an A-tier, gives you extreme control with traps 

and enemy switching in 

addition to some healing with 

bandages – you just can’t go 

wrong with this survivalist.

Elemental Shaman The burst damage is not the same as it was, but it’s still a 

pretty great ranged DPS, with 

some amazing AOE attacks. 

If you like playing Shaman, 

it’s still a powerful class.

Feral Druid Melee, ranged attacks – 

checked. Being hard to play – 

checked. And that’s really the 

only vice for this guy. He 

would probably be higher on 

this list if it would be a bit 

easier to control his 


Destruction Warlock It’s one of the heaviest tanks against a caster, which 

makes him instantly an A-tier 

class. Additionally, insta-cast 

damage is something to look 

out for.

Frost Mage Nothing changes for Frost Mage, only their spot at the 

top. The best thing about this 

class – easy to use, has 

instant damage, and is just 

extremely annoying with its 

Glacial Spikes.



DevastationEvoker It’saworseFrostMage, what canwesay? Ifyouencounter 

some3v3meleebuild, there 

is no mercy for you. Evokers 

are still good when it comes 

to damage output, but the 

cooldowns are killing this 

class unfortunately. 

Fire Mage As it turns out, those who 

play with fire should rather 

play with frost. Fire Mages 

are not that good in the 

current meta, as the Fire 

Balls’ combustion effect takes 

toomuchtimetoreset. Just– 


Assassination Rogue It’s a rather hard fall from grace, as it used to be the 

single best DPS in the game. 

Now, it’s back to the B-tier, 

but they still can pull out 

some great damage output, 

so if it’s a class that you love 

to play, it’s still as awesome 

as it was. Minus some 

damage output. 

Frost Death Knight Maybe it’s the time for Death Knights! This one is 

particularly interesting with 

some Biting Cold and Ice Cap 

accessibility, although – if you 

are against Arms Warrior – 





WoW Best PvP Class – Conclusion 





And here we are, at the end of our show. Thanks for checking out our article. Whether it’s melee dps, sustained damage, and some control abilities – there are many ways to go about it in the latest World of Warcraft expansion, and that is what we have focused on. Of course, there could be many more ways of getting multiple targets that some Feral Druids did before the patch, but for now – it feels like there are not that many competitors to the classes we’ve proposed. 

The difference between 2v2 and 3v3 is visibly seen, but in the end, it all boils down to this – you need at least one healer and one attacker. The best combo is the one that you feel suits you the most, so be sure to include that in your game plan. And – you will feel at best with the class closest to your heart so don’t try and force yourself to use one or another. If it’s a Destruction Warlock that you love, you can easily swap it for some “for balance” Druid-healing build.

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