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How to Reduce Lag in Battlefield 2042? NoPing!

  • Posted 01/08/2023

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Meta Description: If you were wondering how to reduce lag in Battlefield 2042 – we have got you covered! Check out our solutions at NoPing!


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Battlefield 2042 is a game that everyone loves to hate. And yes, we cannot say that they did not have a rocky start. But, after a few years had passed, a few patches were put out, and it turns out that this is a rather splendid game in the end. It has a lot of heart and incredible possibilities, with vehicles fighting each other in the air, water, or land, and every game mode with a unique twist to it. In our book – it’s still a game worth trying, especially nowadays when you can get it for just a few bucks.

Nevertheless, this title has another problem—the ping problem. Players worldwide report some issues with the ping situation, which is becoming more unstable. Whether this means gaming performance issues, like low terrain quality, hardware issues, accelerated GPU scheduling, or typical internet problems like game cache overflow or ISP-related matters, we will try and help you out!

With that in mind, let’s review some solutions to your problems.


Table of Contents

How to Reduce Lag in Battlefield 2042? NoPing!

Table of Contents

What Is Ping?

How to Reduce Lag in Battlefield 2042

No Ping with NoPing!

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How to Reduce Lag in Battlefield 2042


What Is Ping?




First, let’s talk briefly about what ping is and why it is causing you problems. In essence, it’s a measuring tool that shows your internet connection speed. The higher it is, the worse your performance will look like. It’s a signal your computer sends to the server after you click the button on your keyboard or gamepad. Then, this signal travels through the internet and comes back. How fast it happens – it’s your Ping measured in milliseconds.

Some games will tell you how high your ping is. It is usually presented in numbers or green/yellow/red lines. It is essential to notice if your ping is low and take appropriate steps to mitigate the risk of becoming an issue for your teammates and opponents. 


High Ping vs. Low Ping


Connection issues


With that in mind, what would be considered a high-ping? Well, it’s unclear, but there are some ways to make it more understandable. For starters, one millisecond is 0.001 seconds. It may feel like not much, but consider waiting more than just an instant for your character to perform an act in the game. That would be a groundbreaking situation! So, you want to have as low a ping as possible. But it’s not that easy. Sometimes it’s rather challenging to keep it below a certain acceptable level. Here are the different ways we can look at ping numbers:

  • Low ping is usually under 20 ms; here, you should be able to have a great gaming experience; you don’t need to change any in-game settings, just enable the game mode you like and fight for your survival!

  • Average ping means about 50-100 ms. It may seem significant, but it may cause you some real headaches in the long run. If something is not optimal, you will feel it. 

  • High ping means anything over 150 ms. And you can turn off your computer at that point. Your passes will not get there; you cannot shoot at a target. You are done. 


How to Reduce Lag in Battlefield 2042


So, as we have stated before, one of the critical issues regarding lags in Battlefield 2042 is the ping issue. You just need help with the server not receiving the information you provide. But there are other problems. It can also be hardware-related as well. With many different issues present, so be sure to check for each one before giving up. Here are some of the common problems with solutions.




Sometimes the problem may be your very own…home. If you live next to the server, you will have a much better experience than someone separated by 2000 miles and an ocean. Be sure to keep that in mind before sending evil wishes to your Internet Service Provider.


Check Server Status


Sometimes it’s the game’s fault. You need to find out if the servers are online or if all the players' experience lag. Maybe the FPS drops or other gaming issues are not caused by your actions but relatively poor optimization or Battlefield 2042 lag at the game's core. 


Video Settings


As we have stated before, sometimes you may encounter issues related to your hardware settings. Try lowering all of the problematic graphics that can potentially cause an issue. Here are some of the most common problems you can change if you find graphics settings in the game.

  • Dynamic Resolution Scale - Off

  • Set Low Mesh Quality

  • Nvidia Reflex – Low Latency

  • Future frame rendering – off

  • Disable Windows Game Bar and Geforce Experience Overlay

  • Clear your cache folder

  • Vertical Sync (V-sync) – off

  • Enable Game Mode: Windows Settings -> Gaming -> Game Mode -> On


Disable Control Flow Guard


You can also disable your control flow guard. Here is how you do it, step-by-step.


  1. Windows icon

  2. Virus & threat protection

  3. Apps & browser control

  4. Exploit Protection Settings

  5. Program Settings

  6. Add a program to customize

  7. Add by program name

  8. Paste BF2042.exe  

  9. New window 

  10. Find a Control flow guard (CFG)

  11. Override system settings 

  12. Click Apply and then Yes


Enable Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling


  1. Display settings 

  2. Graphics settings 

  3. Turn on Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling 

  4. Select Desktop app 

  5. Choose an app to set performance 

  6. Browse 

  7. Add BF2042.exe 

  8. Press Battlefield 2042 

  9. Options 

  10. High Performance.


Repair Your Files


Sometimes you may have an issue because all the files in your game are corrupted. Well, not all of them, but a substantial amount. To change that, go to:

  • Steam – Library tab -> right click Battlefield 2042 -> Select Properties -> click on Local files -> Game properties > Verify the integrity of the game files -> Verify Integrity of Game File

  • Origin – My Game Library -> Right-click Battlefield 2042 -> Repair -> Restart Game


Graphics Update


You may also need help with your graphics card being updated. Outdated drivers can prevent your game from running smoothly and provide background application issues. If you want to fix Battlefield 2042 and reduce stuttering, update your drivers to the latest version. To do so:

  • Open Settings, 

  • Go to your Device Manager, 

  • Right-click on the display adapter, 

  • Update your graphics driver by clicking on Settings and Update Drivers. 

If you have a GeForce card, you can also do it through your Nvidia Control Panel. 


Administrator Run


Additionally, you can run the game as an administrator to ensure the best performance. In some cases, the game stutters because it lacks administrator permissions. It can be due to many other users using the game or just issues with Windows. 

To run the game as administrator, you just simply need to: 

  1. Find the Battlefield2042.exe file, 

  2. Right-click on the icon, 

  3. Go to Properties, 

  4. Select the Compatibility tab,

  5. Select “run this program as an administrator.”


Full-Screen Issue


Another big issue that players have been experiencing is the fullscreen mode bug. For some reason, Battlefield 2042 stuttering, or just errors with running the game, can be traced down the full-screen support. To change that, right-click the .exe file, select properties compatibility, and turn off full-screen optimization. 


ISP/Internet Issues


Another thing that could go wrong is the issues with your internet connection/Internet Service Provider. There can be plenty of those, of course, so you need to go step-by-step to find the problem you are currently experiencing. 

Whether this means changing the channel you are now operating on to a less crowded one, restarting your router could help. 

Additionally, you can connect with an Ethernet cable, giving you a more secure and stable connection. You can also try fixing your issue by checking if your internet connection is fast enough on many different website checking speed connection, depending on your location.




You can also have a firewall problem. Sometimes the firewall protection is too eager not to allow intruders into your system, so be sure to add your game to your Windows Defender as an exception.


Task Management


Task management is also essential when it comes to solving your performance issues. Be sure to cancel all the background downloads or activities you run. To do so, push Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and end all the processes that are not necessary in order to run the game. You should leave your Steam client or Origin going, as it may close your game as well.


DNS-related Issues


You can also have some problems with clogging the DNS cache. Fortunately, the fix for that particular problem is simple. Go through this step-by-step tutorial in order to get your problem fixed.

  • Click the Windows button and put cmd in the search bar 

  • The command prompt should appear

  • Put this command into the window


ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /registerdns

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

netsh winsock reset



After that, restart your computer, and you should have a clear DNS. It’s good to also clear it from time to time as a maintenance issue. You will see the difference in deleting those data, as your every match will be a bit less laggy than the last one.




And finally, you may have a bandwidth-related problem. If there are plenty of people using your internet, you may occasionally have problems with lags, bugs, delays, and all kinds of missing packets. That’s just technology. 

So, if you don’t need to have so many devices connected to your Wi-Fi, simply disconnect them and leave only the one you are currently using for that purpose. Additionally, you can manually set the preference for your computer, but sometimes phones or tablets can run some downloads in the background without you even noticing, so be sure to disconnect them as well.


No Ping with NoPing!




Those are the homemade solutions. But – the most important thing at hand is taking care of the problem holistically. At NoPing, we believe that you should not be having those kinds of problems whatsoever. Even more, we are positive that we can help you out in mitigating most of them. 

How does it work? We use dedicated servers in order to find the best way from your computer to the game server, no delays whatsoever! 

Additionally, we have a completely free 7-day trial version of our software just for you! Whether you are trying to gain control over your tank or sneak on your enemies from behind, you will be able to do that lag-free! And you don’t even have to pay for our service upfront if you are not sure about what we can do. 

Sometimes it’s a simple fix, but sometimes you will need a boost to get your games to simple work with #NoPing! Check out our blog post on how to fix ping in easy steps as well for more information.


How to Reduce Lag in Battlefield 2042


Thanks for checking out our article on the common problems with lag in Battlefield 2042. Of course, you will probably need to investigate in order to fully understand what is happening with your particular problem.

We are positive that playing without lags is the way to go. It can be pretty frustrating if you are just about to shoot and suddenly you are a few meters ahead or behind. Fortunately, we live in a time where you can upgrade your situation and try some fixes that simply work. You will quickly

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