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How to Reduce Lag in Warzone for Better Gameplay Experience

  • Posted 02/08/2023

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Meta Description: When online gaming, a stable connection with good performance is indispensable for a fun experience. If you’re having problems in Warzone, here is a solution.


image from the game warzone showing a player using a shield to protect other squad members

The online gaming experience can be extremely frustrating, whether because of internet connection problems or low fps. With Call of Duty Warzone, it is no different.

If you want to enjoy and get the most out of the battle royale gameplay, it is vital to have good PC performance and fix lag issues that might ruin the experience. The causes of these issues are multiple, and identifying them will stop Warzone lagging and help with other online games you play.

If you’re experiencing problems like high ping or low fps, this article is for you. We will show you how to fix Warzone lag and get the best gameplay performance possible. 

Make sure to follow all the procedures carefully to ensure the best results when trying to fix Warzone lagging. Also, ensure only to do procedures you’re comfortable with. Otherwise, you might create DNS server problems and other types of issues.


Table of Contents


How to Reduce Lag in Warzone for Better Gameplay Experience

Main Causes of High Ping and FPS

How to Solve Lag and Ping Problems in Warzone

Why Using a Gaming VPN Is the Best Solution

Time to Fix Warzone Lag and Have Fun


Main Causes of High Ping and FPS


screenshot from Warzone showing information regarding packet loss and other data


Several reasons can cause these problems while gaming. Some of them can easily be solved, and others are not directly the player’s fault and can only be fixed by the company running the game. Here are the leading causes of FPS and ping problems in Call of Duty Warzone:


Poor Internet Connection


One of the most common causes of issues regarding online gaming is caused by the player’s internet connection. Whether because the internet service provider is not delivering a stable connection or because the internet protocol version is wrong, each problem can have a different impact on your game.

Internet connections are common problems but also easy to solve in most cases. You can quickly identify if this is causing the problem by running speed tests on your browser or smartphone.


Type of Connectivity


Unsurprisingly, the type of network connection you use directly affects the performance of your games. From stability to average ping, there are numerous differences between a wireless and a wired connection.

If you often play online games, it is highly recommended that you prioritize a wired connection since they offer the most stability for your gameplay. One of the main causes of Warzone lag is caused by using a wireless network.


Background Tasks


Tasks and apps running in the background can also be powerful villains of your gameplay experience. The larger the number of tasks performed while your game is open, the more likely you will be affected by performance issues.

If you’re experiencing Warzone lag, this can be one of the causes. To check that, you just need to open task manager and look at the operations being performed in the background.

It will give you an overview of the tasks and apps that are using most of your PC performance and how much of each component is dedicated to it. Doing this can also show programs not performing as expected or using more RAM than they should.


screenshot from Windows task manager showing multiple programs and tasks running on the background


Outdated Drivers


Outdated drivers can also have a significant impact on your game performance. Whether ethernet or graphics card drivers, everything should be constantly updated to ensure the title runs smoothly and without lags or bugs.

It is essential to periodically check for available updates and download the most recent versions whenever possible. Updating your computer or console is a matter of performance and security as well since these updates also improve safety technology, making it less likely for hackers to do harm.


picture showing the game settings from Warzone


Game Settings


Game settings are also some of the most common causes of poor performance. More than choosing a reliable DNS server or having the fastest router on the market, sometimes the problem is not caused by connectivity issues.

You must ensure your game settings are correctly configured if you want an experience without low fps or lag problems. Everything from graphics to server settings will impact how your game runs and how smooth your gameplay gets.


System Requirements


It is also possible that your Warzone fps is getting messed up because of your PC specs. It is crucial to ensure that your computer covers the game's minimum requirements and your graphics settings are selected based on your components.

If your PC does not meet the minimum requirements, it is more likely that you’ll always experience problems when playing the title. Here are the minimum requirements for running Call of Duty Warzone. Make sure your computer is compatible with it:

  • Windows 10 - 64 bit

  • 8GB RAM

  • Intel Core i3 - 4300 or AMD FX - 6300

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 or Radeon HD - 7950

  • 175GB HD storage (SSD recommended)


How to Solve Lag and Ping Problems in Warzone


image from the game call of duty warzone showing a player using a sniper to shoot along with a car and an airdrop on the background


Now that you know the leading causes of high ping and lag issues, it is time to see what you can do to reduce and solve these problems. Make sure to follow all procedures correctly to ensure the desired results.

Remember not to do any procedures that you’re not familiar with or comfortable with. Otherwise, the problems caused might make your lag issues even worse.

Here are the main procedures you can follow to fix Warzone lag and have a better experience when playing online:


Check the Server Status


Online game servers often present lag issues because they are partially off for maintenance or any other issue. If you’re experiencing unusual ping spikes or lags, probably, the problem is not your PC or network connection but the game’s server.

It is pretty simple and quick to identify if this is your case. You can access Activision’s official support page and check the current status of game servers. 

If anything unusual is listed on the website or the server status is red, the problem is in the game, and you should wait until the support solves it. Server problems usually are solved in less than a day, and planned maintenance services are informed to the players days before.


Contact Your Internet Service Provider


If you run a network test and notice an elevated ping or other connectivity issues, contacting your internet providers might be a good idea. You can ask them if there is anything wrong with their servers and ask how they can solve the instability.

It is improbable that warzone lagging is your internet speed’s fault. Other factors like DNS servers and network troubleshooting are more probable to be the causes.

After talking to the providers and doing all the requested procedures, you can redo the test and see if it solves the problem. It is an easy solution that usually solves your main issues.


Use a Wired Connection


As mentioned before, using a wired ethernet adapter is the best choice for online gaming. There is a high chance that your battle royale game is facing lag issues thanks to the wireless connection and, most specifically, your router.

By having a wired connection to your PC, the signal and performance will get more stable and provide a smoother gameplay experience. Factors like an outdated router network driver or poor connectivity because of the distance between the PC and the main internet device are exclusive to wireless networks.

If you think this might be the problem for you, make sure to change it to a wired connection and run a test. If you notice a considerable increase in performance, the router was probably the problem.


picture showing the back of a computer and multiple cables connected to it


Alternate DNS Server Settings


Domain Name System (DNS) is a server that matches hostnames to their corresponding IP. Having the wrong DNS server can lead to performance issues when gaming.

You can manually alternate your preferred DNS server to the suggested settings to avoid this. It is a simple procedure but must be followed carefully to avoid problems with DNS cache and other connection aspects. Here is what you need to do:

  • Open your control panel

  • Select Network and Sharing Center

  • Click on Active Network Connection and open Properties

  • Select Protocol Version 4 (IPv4)

  • Go Back to Properties and fill in the following DNS server addresses: and

  • Open Command Prompt and type /flushdns


Change Your In-Game Settings


As we mentioned before, the game settings a big part of how smoothly your game runs. If you’re facing lag problems while playing, checking them might be a good idea.

You must ensure the selected settings are compatible with what your computer can handle. Options like weapon motion blur, world motion blur, and shadow map resolution can be reduced without drastic impact on the visuals of your game. Moreover, deactivating these and other options can highly reduce FPS stuttering.



Optimize Your Computer


Another common solution for fps drop when playing Warzone is to optimize your computer through different processes. The first one is to activate game mode on your settings. 

The game mode option optimizes multiple aspects of the gaming device and drastically reduces lag spikes. Along with this option, you can also open task manager and close all programs and actions not currently in use.

This will reduce traffic consumption and make the game run faster when playing, which results in a much higher fps.

Also, deactivate background apps you don’t use and restart the computer. This way, the next time you launch Warzone, it will be much smoother and without lag problems.


Repair Game Files


If you’re experiencing unusual performance problems, it is also likely that your files are corrupted or something in the game folder is missing. To solve this, you can open or Steam, click on game properties, and choose to repair game files.

After a quick scan, it will repair any file that is missing or corrupted because of any reason. It is a simple procedure that takes no time and can drastically increase the performance of the title. It is also important to close the game before verifying the files for proper verification.


screenshot from showing how to repair corrupted and missing files from a game


Update Your Drivers


The last procedure of this list is to update all drivers with new versions available. Everything from the graphics card to network adapters must have the latest version running for effective results and safe connection.

You can either update the new drivers that appear available or manually search for more recent versions to ensure you’re running the latest one. You can also activate automatic updates for most of them, so you don’t have to worry about this again.


Why Using a Gaming VPN Is the Best Solution


screenshot from NoPing showing the products offered and the games it supports


There are several reasons why having a VPN service can be a game-changer for your gameplay. And by having NoPing, these advantages are even more significant.

By subscribing to our service, you’ll instantly have access to multiple tools for more than a thousand games. With NoPing, you’ll automatically be redirected to the best server available, resulting in less lag and more shooting.

With one click, you can say goodbye to all problems affecting your gameplay, from jitter to ping spikes. We have years of experience on the market, and our solution is used by some of the biggest streamers worldwide.

You can also subscribe to our 7-day free trial. This way, you can test the tool and feel the difference without spending a single penny.


Time to Fix Warzone Lag and Have Fun


Playing an online game can be really fun, but if you experience problems like low fps or any other, this experience can be frustrating. To avoid these issues and have the best performance while playing Call of Duty Warzone, there are several procedures you can follow.

Also, don’t forget to use NoPing to ensure even better FPS and ping while playing. This way, you’ll have the best experience possible without worrying about anything other than taking out the remaining squads.

Now that you know everything you need, it is time to start reducing your Warzone lag. Follow all the steps above carefully, and you’ll definitely notice an improvement in your game’s performance.

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