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Rainbow Six: Siege - How to Quickly Lower Ping

  • Posted 02/08/2023

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When playing online games, many things can cause big problems for your internet connection and its performance, and in Rainbow Six: Siege, this is no exception. From your internet service provider to the game settings you use, many things contribute to network lag and other problems, directly impacting your experience.

In this article, we will show you how to solve these problems and fix high ping when playing Rainbow Six: Siege to guarantee the best game experience. Be sure to follow each step carefully and only do procedures you are sure about. Otherwise, you may cause problems with your network connection or DNS server addresses.


Before You Start Looking for a Solution


screenshot from Ubisoft official website showing the status from Rainbow Six Siege servers


Before looking into the tips for fixing lag spikes, make sure that the problem is, in fact, your PC or internet network. Sometimes high ping is caused by problems in the game server or game files.

You can easily discover if this is your case. To see if the problem is in the game server, you can simply check the Rainbow Six: Siege server status through their website.

As for the game files, open the Ubisoft Connect game launcher or Steam and verify the files. Doing this will fix any problems related to corrupted files and repair network lag if this is the cause of your problems.


Things That Can Cause High Ping When Playing


screenshot from rainbow six scoreboard showing the ping from each player


When playing online games, many factors contribute to your ping increase. They can be related to the internet protocol version or any other aspect of your connection.

We will show you some of the most common causes of lag spikes.Check them out to see which ones might be affecting your gameplay.


Type of Connection


One of the most commonly responsible for ping increasing is the router used and the type of connection. Sometimes the wifi connection offers poor stability and directly impacts the gameplay.

On the other hand, the wired connection tends to be more stable. An ethernet cable typically helps stabilize and decrease the ping when playing an online game.


DNS Server


Another thing that can directly affect the connection quality and cause high ping is the DNS server. Windows usually chooses the preferred DNS server automatically, which can be problematic. 

One of the most common ways to solve it is to select an alternate DNS server manually. If you don’t know how to do it, keep the recommended server.


illustration of a person using a computer displaying a message saying DNS server not responding


In-Game Options


Sometimes the settings you use in Rainbow Six: Siege can also increase your ping. If you notice that your network drivers are correct and you still experience lag spikes, the problem might be in the game settings.

Understanding what each option does and what are the recommended settings is essential. This way, you guarantee that your game is running as it should.


Background Apps


Another leading cause of high ping in Rainbow Six: Siege or any other online game is the number of programs running in the background. The larger the number of apps running, the lower your performance will get.

Some apps come with the authorization to run in the background. This is why many PCs get slow even though you have not opened other programs.


How to Easily Fix High Ping in Rainbow Six: Siege 


screenshot from rainbow six siege main menu


Now that you know why ping can be an enormous problem when playing Rainbow Six: Siege and what are the main causes of this problem, it is time to see how to fix it. Each solution must be done only if you know the consequences and how to undo it, from the game servers to the network adapters you are using.

Otherwise, you might create even more problems for your internet network and PC. Here are some of the most common solutions for high ping in Rainbow Six: Siege:


Update Your DNS Server Address


illustration explaining what DNS is


As previously mentioned, DNS is one of the most common problems for lag spikes and ping increases. To fix this problem, you must manually change the address.

To do it, you can go to the Windows search bar, type “ethernet settings,” and change the DNS server from preferred DNS server to manual selection. After doing it, you just need to type the following DNS server addresses: “” and “,” respectively.

If the DNS was your problem, you will be able to notice the difference right after applying the changes. It is a straightforward procedure but must be carefully done to avoid problems with the DNS servers.


Check the Game and Windows for Updates


screenshot from Windows settings menu showing the windows update options


You must also keep your system updated if you don’t want to experience a high ping when playing Rainbow Six: Siege. To do this, you can simply go to the Windows Update settings and check for updates right on top of the screen.

As for the game, it will most likely not let you open it if it is not updated, but sometimes it can happen, causing performance issues like packet loss and connectivity problems. To fix this, simply go to Ubisoft Connect or Steam Launcher and manually search for updates.


Verify Your Game Files


screenshot from Ubisoft Connect menu with a red arrow pointing to the verify files option


Along with verifying for updates, another procedure that you must do to ensure that the game is appropriately running is verifying the game’s files. This solution is very simple and only takes a few minutes.

You can do it by accessing Rainbow Six: Siege title’s properties and clicking on “verify files.” By doing this, the system will take a look at all the program’s files and correct any errors.


Verify Your Internet Provider and Router


image of an internet router displaying the number of connected devices with a blue background


The most common source of problems regarding high ping is the internet connection, and there are two main things that can cause this: Your router or your internet service provider.

This second option can only be done by contacting the company that provides the service. After doing this, they will tell the best course of action to solve the problem.

On the other hand, if the problem is in your router, you might need to change it. Sometimes the same network offers two completely different experiences when wireless or connected by ethernet cable.

If you notice that your ping is way more stable when using a wired connection, it means that your router connection is too far from the computer or is not working correctly. One of the most common solutions is buying a new router.


Check for Multiple Devices in the Same Network Connection


image of multiple devices connected to the same router


If you have tons of devices connected to the same network you are using to play Rainbow Six, this might be the reason why your ping is getting so high. Try disconnecting the devices that are not being used at the moment.

If you notice that this solved the problem, it means that the number of devices is more than your internet connection can support. You can keep those devices disconnected or upgrade your internet plan to one with more download and upload.


Close Tasks That Are Not Being Used


screenshot from the windows task manager menu


Another thing that can contribute to ping spikes is having a large number of apps running at the same time. To fix high ping, it is recommended to close all tasks that are not being used at the moment.

This action can easily be done by accessing the Windows task manager and manually closing the apps that are not being used. Be sure to only close apps you are sure can be closed and won’t interfere with your computer’s performance.


Update Your Drivers


screenshot from the device management menu on microsoft windows


Keeping your drivers updated also has a huge role in lowering your ping and increasing the game’s performance on your PC. From the ethernet driver to the graphics card, ensure everything is running the latest version available.

You can do it by accessing a specific menu from the manufacturer of your computer or by typing “device manager” in the Windows search bar. Both those menus will allow you to manually update the drivers with new versions available.


Using NoPing


screenshot from NoPing website displaying the page regarding rainbow six siege servers


When looking for methods to fix network lag and high ping, NoPing is undoubtedly the best tool available on the market. It automatically chooses the best server for you to play your games.

With just one click, you can see your ping drastically fall and notice an enormous difference when playing online games. It is an easy-to-use tool with a friendly interface that guarantees anyone can easily find what they want.

Moreover, NoPing supports Rainbow Six: Siege and over a thousand other games. This way, you can have one tool that can be used to fix high ping in all online games that you have. The power to end the high ping and have a huge advantage against other players is in your hands.


Time to Subscribe and Solve Your High Ping Problems in Rainbow Six: Siege


screenshot from the game Rainbow Six Siege


Ping problems are a gamer's worst nightmare, regardless of the title. It directly impacts the whole experience and sometimes makes the game unplayable.

Thankfully there are tons of solutions for this problem. Each method can impact your game and PC performance differently, so it is crucial to understand what you are doing before taking any action.

Now that you know everything you need, it is time to start solving your ping problems. NoPing is the best solution for any gamer wanting to play as smoothly as possible.

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If you didn’t find a solution for your high ping in Rainbow Six: Siege, don’t worry. Check out this article for more tips for solving ping problems.

From Windows Update delivery settings to network DNS settings, the article includes procedures involving both network and hardware tips. With this, you will definitely find a method that solves your problem.

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