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How to Increase Your iRacing Ping and Maximize the Performance

  • Posted 02/08/2023


screenshot from the game iRacing showing multiple formula three cars driving together on a racing track

iRacing is one of the most famous racing simulators among PC players, requiring a constant internet connection if you want to enjoy all of its features. Just like in other online games, it is common for players to face some problems like packet loss or a higher ping when joining the race server.

Some of these issues are directly related to the iRacing server, and others can be easily solved through simple processes on your computer. If you are facing a latency problem or just want a lower ping when online gaming, don’t worry.

In this article, we will show some of the best tricks to solve high latency issues and get the best results in the game server. Follow all the steps carefully and ensure you only execute procedures you’re comfortable with.


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How to Increase Your iRacing Ping and Maximize the Performance

Main Causes of Poor Connection and Elevated Pings

How to Increase Your Ping on iRacing

Why Using a NoPing Is the Best Option

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Main Causes of Poor Connection and Elevated Pings


Before learning how to solve the problems, it is important to understand what can cause them. Several factors can cause your ping to strike and mess with your gaming experience.

Understanding which one of these factors is causing the problem makes it way easier to solve it and identify the best methods for fixing it. Here are the main factors that can have a significant impact on your ping:


Poor Connectivity


Although your hired internet speed doesn’t directly affect your ping, several other details about your network connection have a vital role. The first one is the connection speed between your network and the servers from your internet provider. If you notice that this connection is below the acceptable level, it can be what is causing your problems while gaming.


Wireless Connection


We know that sometimes wireless connections and low latency are not good friends. The type of connection you’re using can also make a real difference when gaming online.

Using an ethernet cable usually results in more reliable connections and generates an average low ping.


Server Selected


Something as simple as choosing the wrong server can also cause ping strikes. Games generally feature one server per region around the world.

If you want a reliable connection with a low trace interval, choose a server closer to your location. With this, you’ll avoid making pings higher and generate more reliable connections.


Game Settings


If you want the best results and a green bar when measuring ping on iRacing, you also need to make sure you’re using the correct settings. Although using high graphics settings won’t decrease your ping or impact the data packets, they will definitely affect the overall experience and how smoothly your game runs.


How to Increase Your Ping on iRacing


screenshot from the game iRacing showing a red car driving on a racing track


Now that you know the leading causes of high ping on the iRacing server, it is time to see what procedures can help you solve the problem and avoid any other issue related to your connectivity. This way, you’ll increase your game’s performance and avoid generating other issues on your PC or other devices.

Here are the main procedures you can do:


Use a Wired Connection


One of the most common problems when gaming online is the internet router being used. You can quickly discover if this is the problem in your case by visiting any ping tool site and running two tests.

The first one will be using an internet router and a wireless connection. Then you run the exact same test but using an ethernet cable this time.

If you notice a decrease in ping and latency, it means that your router has been causing the problems. It is always good to use a cable connection because it increases ping and provides a much more stable connection. This way, you can enjoy your games without worrying about ping or connectivity oscillations.


Talk to Your Internet Provider


Sometimes the connection issue is not related to the hardware. If you notice that even when using the ethernet connection, your ping and packet loss is still above the acceptable level on your main PC and other computers, the problem can be the internet provider. 

Calling them and asking if they can do anything, like changing the corresponding IP address or simply resetting the connection, can be an easy and effective way to solve the problem. Sometimes, service providers can face instabilities in their services, and calling them is the easiest way to understand what is happening and when it will return to normal.


Check Your In-Game Settings


Your settings might not increase your ping but undoubtedly impact your playing experience. If you notice performance issues during matches and races, take a look at your settings and make sure your PC matches the minimum requirements for running the title.

The game features an option to automatically set your game to the recommended options based on your hardware. If you’re unsure which settings to use, just hit the button and let the game take care of this process. 


Close Apps Running on the Background


If you don’t have a NASA-level connection, your background apps might also affect your ping. Your ping depends directly on the quality of your connection, and if there are several devices and apps using the same network, it might result in higher latency.

Try closing your background apps and disconnecting some devices. If you notice an increase in your game’s performance and a low ping, it means that those were the issues.


Update Your Drives


Delivering a poor performance in a game can also be your drivers’ fault. Try looking for new updates and download the latest versions if available.

These usually don’t interfere with the ping, but in some cases, like WiFi drivers, these updates can make a massive difference in the final result. Updating them impacts not only your games but the overall performance of your computer. Make sure to check them periodically and download the newest versions whenever possible.


Check Your PC Ethernet/Wifi Settings


Whenever connecting to a new network, you’ll find numerous options for setting it up as you prefer. Although we recommend sticking to the automatic settings, sometimes they might not be the best option.

Make sure to change these settings only if you know the right procedure and how to reverse it if something goes wrong. Otherwise, you might make the problem worse and impact all aspects of your connection.


Why Using a NoPing Is the Best Option


screenshot from noping official website showing the login screen with a video game art on the background


No doubt, using a VPN service can bring numerous benefits to your gameplay, whether when playing an MMORPG or any online experience. NoPing has all the tools you need to enjoy your title without worrying about connectivity issues or other aspects.

At NoPing, you are one click away from a stable connection that automatically pairs you with the best server option based on latency values and overall connectivity status. You can enjoy any online experience; the tool will redirect you without additional procedures. This means you won’t need to stop playing even for a second.

NoPing supports over a thousand games, and with one subscription, you can access all of our tools and features. This way, you’ll drastically optimize not only the latency of your game but its overall performance.

We also offer a 7-days free trial where you can use all of our features and experience gameplay like never before. You can visit the 7-days trial page by clicking here.


Now You Just Have to Enjoy


Dealing with ping and network problems can be one of the most annoying things when playing online. From the type of connection to the driver version being used, everything can have a distinct impact.

Now that you know everything you need, it is time to start running tests to identify what is causing your ping strikes. Don’t forget only to do procedures you’re comfortable with and know how to undo.

Using NoPing is the best solution for ping problems, and within seconds you’ll be automatically redirected to the recommended server. One subscription gives you access to numerous tools for over 1000 games. Follow all these steps carefully, and your gameplay will become smoother and more enjoyable.

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