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How to Fix High Ping in Tarkov [9 Valuable Tips]

  • Posted 04/08/2023

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How to Fix High Ping in Tarkov on NoPing VPN Service


Playing online games is a challenge. Sometimes, success is independent of your abilities or skills but relies on the quality of your connection. The game servers you use might not the best, or you have a poor Internet connection, so the online gaming experience suffers. As a result, you’re incapable of reacting against external stimuli. 

With Escape from Tarkov, the story is the same. For this reason, we’ve created a guide on How to Fix High Ping in Tarkov to help you experience the best battlefield combat and escape the Soviet Gulag.  


Table of Contents:

How to Fix High Ping in Tarkov - [9 Very Valuable Tips]

Why Is My Ping so High?

How Do I Low My Ping in Escape from Tarkov?

Reboot Your Modem and Router

Use a VPN Service

Use an Ethernet Cable to Your Internet Connection

Update Network Drivers

Close Background Applications

Disconnect other Connected Devices

Change the DNS Server Addresses

Change the Windows Update Delivery Settings Default Configuration

Choose a Different Escape from Tarkov Server

Bottom Line


Why Is My Ping so High?


There are several reasons why your ping is too high when playing Escape from Tarkov or other online games. Some are under your control, others not. But here we mention the most common causes of high ping and lag. 

  • You have a deficient Internet service provider.

  • You’re too far away from the modem.

  • The modem or router you use is outdated or has configuration issues.

  • You have multiple devices using your network connection.

  • You have a too-slow wireless connection.

  • Background apps are sucking your resources.

  • The gamer server responds too slowly. 


How Do I Low My Ping in Escape from Tarkov?


When playing any online game, having the lowest latency and ping possible is crucial. Keeping the same Internet connection you have until now, you can do the following to improve your Internet speed.


Reboot Your Modem and Router


How to Reboot a Modem + Router


This is the most common way of solving connectivity problems and improving your Internet connection speed and stability. You only have to restart all the devices connected to the network, but mainly your router and modem. 

These devices often start to work poorly due to changes in their internal configuration or issues from the original sources. In this context, rebooting them to reinitiate their configuration is best.

By doing this, you can improve your connection in Tarkov and other games, avoid ping spikes, and even clean the Internet bandwidth.  


Use a VPN Service


NoPing VPN service main page and several games like Fortnite, Overwatch and League of Legends


This method has gained popularity in recent years since VPN services have multiplied considerably. 

A VPN service will provide you with a unique connection and a safe tunnel, improving your gaming traffic since you’ll be the only person using the channel. This translates into smooth, enjoyable gameplay without any lags, ping spikes, or freezes, making you one step ahead of your competitors.

A VPN service also allows you to choose the best game server among multiple servers worldwide. Then you can select the server with the lowest ping. Generally, the best server with a stable connection corresponds to the nearest server, but in some cases this rule doesn’t apply.

Besides, a good VPN provider, such as NoPing, hides your location and protects your gaming data, such as passwords, to ensure a flawless experience and secures your private info.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking to fix high ping, hire a VPN service to change your gaming server and protect your game data. Try NoPing with 7-day free trial!


Use an Ethernet Cable to Your Internet Connection


An ethernet cable to connect to Internet


Although a Wi Fi connection is more valuable and practical in terms of usability, it can’t compete with a wired connection in terms of speed. An Internet connection through an ethernet cable provides a more stable connection since you’ll be the only person using that connection. Besides, the wired connection won’t be affected by other devices that can interfere with or cover the signal. 

If you don’t have any physical barrier and can use an ethernet cable, do it immediately. When you make the change, try again your Tarkov connection. Test if the ethernet connection is working correctly.

We recommend you use an Internet speed tester to check how your new connection works. Online gamers will appreciate this change since it will reduce high latency.  


Update Network Drivers


Update Network Drivers in the Device Manager


Every network adapter and drive should be updated for Internet devices to perform correctly. To ensure you've installed the latest network driver versions, use Windows Update tool. This way, you can lower the Tarkov high ping. 

To update your network drives, do the following.

  • Type ‘Device Manager’ in the search bar of Windows and press ‘Enter.’

  • Right-click on ‘Network Adapters’ to collapse the menu, and right-click on the first option. This commonly starts with ‘Realtek….’

  • Choose ‘Update Driver’ and then select ‘Search Automatically for Driver.’

This way, the system will search for the latest drivers for your network. If there is one, it automatically will download and install it in your system.  


Close Background Applications


Task Manager Network Column to close background apps 


Although not evident to the naked eye, your computer has multiple applications working in the background that covers the network bandwidth—limiting your network data by closing applications that consume your Internet bandwidth. 

The most recommended way to boast a good Internet connection is to close all the background apps that are not fundamental for gaming. 

To check the apps currently using the bandwidth, you must head to the Task Manager. To check it, follow the next steps:

  • Type ‘Task Manager’ in the search bar of Windows.

  • Head to the Network column. Here you see the applications that are using the bandwidth. The first are the ones with the most bandwidth usage. 

  • To close the apps that are not crucial for gaming, click 'End task.'

Now run Escape from Tarkov again and check if you experience a lower ping.  


Disconnect other Connected Devices


Multiple devices connected through domotics


With new technologies, it is widespread that people have multiple home appliances connected to the Internet network. This is thanks to domotics and IoT. This is great for a complete in-house living experience but not gaming. Domotics and IoT use wireless connections and cover a big part of the same network as your games. Then, you have two possible solutions. Either use an ethernet cable or disconnect all other connected devices. If it's physically impossible to do the first, then the second is your choice.  


Change the DNS Server Addresses


Change the DNS Server Addresses in the Ethernet Properties


Most ISPs (Internet Service Providers) use their own DNS servers, which commonly is not the best for your gaming experience. These do not prioritize gaming traffic and occasionally generate a ping spike, which is really upsetting. The solution is about using a third-party DNS server, such as Cloudflare or Google Public DNS. The following DNS server addresses are the best:



Primary DNS Server

Secondary DNS Server

Google DNS Server



Comodo DNS



To change it, just follow these steps:

  • Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings.

  • Right-click the connection you desire to change and select 'Properties.'

  • Select on 'Internet Protocol Version 4 and the 'Properties'.

  • Choose 'Use the following DNS server addresses.' Then enter the information above you want to use. 




Change the Windows Update Delivery Settings Default Configuration


Select Advanced Options in the Windows Update menu


Windows Update is excellent for protecting your system from malware and other malicious software, but it can cause issues for anyone playing Escape from Tarkov. This is because Windows Update can start downloading and installing updates when you're in the heat. If this happens, you probably will experience a high Tarkov ping. To avoid this, configure the Windows Update delivery settings. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Type ‘Windows Update Delivery’ in the search bar, and click on Windows Update delivery settings. 

  • In the next window, disable the option ‘Allow downloads from other PCs.’

  • Scroll down and click on the advanced options tab.

  • Switch from ‘Absolute Bandwidth’ to ‘Percentage of Measured Bandwidth.’ Limit both percentage bars to 5%.

  • Navigate down to ‘Upload Settings’ and limit to 5%.

With this setting, you'll fix Escape from Tarkov connection by ensuring Windows won't use more than 5% of bandwidth when downloading. 


Choose a Different Escape from Tarkov Server


Choosing a different game server in the list of Escape from Tarkov


Sometimes gaming servers fail and do not work very well. Miscommunication and packet loss between entering your machine and the game server may cause high ping. Most online games, and Escape from Tarkov is no exception, allow you to change the game's server in the game settings if you're experiencing lag. This can decrease your ping, avoiding lag spikes. So, change the Tarkov server to have better connections.  


Bottom Line


Maintaining a low ping rate is essential to enjoy a game like Escape from Tarkov and other Battlestate games on your PC. The tips mentioned in this article will help you reduce ping, improve communication between your machine and servers, and boast excellent performance. Thanks to NoPing VPN services, you will avoid high pings and start to enjoy your gameplay as you deserve.


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