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How to Lower Ping in Roblox – Best Solutions for Your Problems!

  • Posted 04/08/2023

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Roblox is a beautiful game that is currently living through its second youth. People are finding newer and better ways to utilize this great big world that Roblox servers provide. There are creating communities, making friends, and even staging real-life events, like political meetings or masses.

But – it’s not for everyone. This game is extremely social, and getting interrupted by ping-related problems is becoming increasingly problematic these days. Fortunately, here at NoPing, we have created many solutions to your pinging problems, and we are more than happy to guide you through any issues you may have in Roblox. Let’s find out what are some of the solutions to these problems!


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But before we get into the nitty-gritty details of how to lower your ping in Roblox, let’s first explain a bit more about NoPing. We are the leading brand in the network traffic industry, with hundreds of satisfied customers. Our goal? To make every game feel like it has NoPing!

We’ve created a complete package of tools to help you with most of your connection needs, whether ping-related issues or dropped packets. It’s high-performance, latency reduction, ping-lowering wonderland that will make you finally say – that was a fair game I’ve just played.

So, if you want to be lag-free, check out our offer at the NoPing website for more details! And if you think that – well, maybe paying for this software is not such a great idea, we have prepared a 7-day free trial for you to test this software and get all the benefits of it straight away. Additionally, you can check out this NoPing article on how to lower your ping.

That way, you will not only play the most marvelous and ping-free games in your life but you’ll be convinced that NoPing is the future for you and your gaming. And with that in mind, let’s go over the issues of Roblox's high ping and how to combat it using “domestic remedies.”


What Is Ping?


Let’s start by explaining some of the basic concepts we will be discussing in this article. So, first of all – what is this ping thing, and why should we all care about it? Well, to put things simply, it’s the most important thing that all your gaming problems revolve around.

It’s essential when the signal comes from your gaming station to the server and back. It is measured in milliseconds. You can sometimes see in the game what your ping is. If it’s green, it’s usually about 20 or below. That is a low ping. Getting over 100 means problems; even higher than that, you are facing the nightmare of high ping with a noticeable delay.

In the highly competitive environment, even getting a 2 ms difference can make or break your  game, so keeping a low ping is essential if you want to play online games.


What Causes High Ping?


Now that we know what ping is let’s go over some of the reasons why you are probably experiencing this kind of problem.


Internet Service Provider Quality

Sometimes it’s all about the provider. In some cases, it is totally out of your control who your internet provider is, especially if you live in the United States. But, if the ping issue is a returning one, consider changing your provider and see if other ones can fix your problems.


Internet Speed

Sometimes, the issue is not strictly with your ISP, but the problem is within the package you got. If you have a low internet connection speed, you may face higher ping as the faster your connection is, the quicker you will send and receive data. Consider changing your deal with your ISP if you constantly face this problem.


Bandwidth Issue

Sometimes it may be a bandwidth issue. As you have probably noticed, there can be some internet usage problems during internet rush hours. That is because many people are using the internet connection and you are experiencing problems with bandwidth. ISPs usually publish their bandwidth, but if you suspect that there may be a problem with that, contact them and ask for getting rid of this problem.


Firewall Configuration

This is pretty straightforward, and you have probably seen this in real action, but firewalls may sometimes block your bandwidth as well or even prevent you from sending or receiving data from the server. In the worst-case scenario, try turning it off and see if it helps. You can also add the game you’re playing as an exception.


Geo Location

And finally – your location. Something you can’t do anything about, but it may influence how well your gameplay looks. For example, let’s say that your closest server is 500 km away from you. And let’s say that someone lives in the same building where the server is. Unfortunately, cables are fast, but they are not that fast, so some people will have some advantage. You can try and use a VPN server if you have a good connection.


Ping In Roblox


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So, now that we know all there is about ping let’s go over how it presents itself in Roblox and what are some ways you can fix it. Of course, we highly recommend getting some great NoPing deals, but there also are multiple ways you can utilize some DUI methods before trying our way. Let’s dive in, shall we?


How to Fix Roblox High Ping


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Well, as we’ve explained before, there are multiple reasons why your ping may be high in Roblox. It could be a poor internet connection problem, or you may have some firewall issues, or some internal problems with your computer.

Whatever it is – we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the most common ping-related problems while playing Roblox and how to fix those.


Internet Connection


The first of those is – to check your internet connection. It is a crucial way of fighting any graphics lag – turning the router/modem off and on again. You may think that it is just another same advice. Still, if your reset your router/modem, it will also reset your connection, the channel you are connecting with, and all the other elements that can cause a slow internet connection. You will also clear all the cache you may have stored in all the wrong places.

How to do it? Well, plug off the router/modem and plug it in after sixty seconds. If that is not working, try changing how you connect to the internet. Sometimes the wireless connection can be problematic, so try connecting with an ethernet cable. It can do wonders in certain situations, making your connection much more stable.

If that does not work and you are still experiencing network lag, and can’t connect to the game server, limit the number of devices connected to the router. Sometimes, your tablets and phones may be using a lot of internet connection without you even knowing it for updates you can’t see.

If you have a VPN service, try connecting from another place, it may change the system lag you are experiencing. But, if the lag still occurs, check with your Internet provider. Maybe they have some issues they did not tell you about.




And if that does not work, try updating everything there is. Update your graphics card, router, and network adapter, patch the game, and you can even update your sound card. The computer is a mystery; sometimes, if you don’t have the latest update, you may be unable to connect to the game. It is what it is; love it or hate it, it works (most of the time).




As we’ve mentioned before, sometimes you may experience an issue with your firewall that is blocking server access. Whether using a Windows Defender or some other kind of firewall, you must add Roblox as an exception to utilize the internet connection you may need fully.


Too Many Tasks


Maybe the issue is too many tasks you run on your computer. Try closing some of them in the task manager by clicking Ctrl+Alt+Delete and seeing which processes are unnecessary.

A bad internet connection is a problem most of the time, but if you play games created by multiple studios simultaneously on the same computer, lag spikes are bound to happen. It’s just too much!

The way to do it will differ depending on the software you are using, but usually, you just need to launch it, and there will be an option to add an exception or to treat Roblox as a safe program.




We’ve stated before, sometimes the high-ping in games may have something to do with the DNS cache building up and clogging your connection. That is why it is advised to do what is called in the “industry” the “DNS flush.” It’s pretty simple, and you don’t need to worry that you will break something in your computer if you do it right.

First of all, press the Windows button and put in cmd. You will see that a command prompt will show up. Right-click on that and run it as an administrator. Then, type this in the command window:

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /registerdns

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

netsh winsock reset

Restart your computer and check if you are still experiencing high ping in Roblox. If that did not reduce ping, see the next solution.


Graphics Settings


But, it may sometimes be the issue with graphics quality. 

  1. To lower your graphics setting in Roblox, you need to launch the game. 

  2. Then, press the Esc button and click the three-horizontal button in the left corner. 

  3. Open Settings.

  4. Click on Graphics Mode and set it to Manual. 

  5. Then, change the Graphics quality option to lower. 

  6. See if you are still experiencing high ping.


How to Lower Ping in Roblox – Conclusion


Roblox characters escaping from prison


Thank you for checking out our article on battling Roblox Ping in all shapes and forms. We hope that this guide was not only informative but also helpful. Many games require internet access, so having a low ping is of essential importance these days, especially when playing competitive games or social ones like Roblox. Those are, of course, just some of the solutions. We have much more to offer at NoPing with more professional tools. 

Anyways, we are glad to be helpful in any regard, so let us know if you are still experiencing the same issues; maybe you can get it done with the 7-day trial you can get on our site. Also – check out our other articles on many different ping-related issues. Maybe you are experiencing some of them, and we will be happy to help you. Thank you for stopping by, and we will see you at the next one!


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