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How to Lower Ping in Valorant With Quick Steps

  • Posted 04/08/2023

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image from the character killjoy from valorant along with the symbols for network problem


When playing online games, factors like internet speed and selected DNS server addresses option can directly affect your experience. Among all the consequences of these factors, the Valorant high ping issue can be one of the most annoying for players.

In this article, we will show you quick steps to solve high ping in Valorant and enhance your gameplay. Be sure to follow each step carefully to guarantee an effective result that doesn’t generate new problems for other aspects of your internet connection.


Main Causes of High Ping in Valorant


There are tons of factors that can make your ping spike. Here are some of the most common ones:


Open Programs

One of the leading causes of high ping in Valorant or any other online game is the number of apps running on your PC. This problem is one of the easiest to solve and can quickly be done by opening the task manager and closing all apps that are not being used.


screenshot from the background apps tab of windows



Background Apps

Just like the multiple apps being executed, the background apps of your PC also cause high ping. All apps that have permission to run in the background can use your connection and memory even though they are “not open.”


DNS Cache and Server


illustration of a server showing what DNS means


The IP you use and the DNS tool also impact your experience. Setting up your preferred DNS server and changing the IP address also prevent higher internet latency and can solve Valorant high ping issues.

To solve DNS problems, you can use the command prompt to access the settings, and you just need to type the following DNS server addresses: “” and “” respectively.


How to Fix High Ping in Valorat


image from the game valorant along with the icons for low ping and signal


Now that you know the main causes of high ping, it is time to see what can solve this problem. Be sure to follow the steps carefully, and don’t do anything you are unsure about. 

Otherwise, you might have problems with your internet service provider and impair your PC performance. Here are some quick solutions for high ping in Valorant:


Talk to Your Internet Service Providers


illustration of a server with multiple devices connected to it


Although the speed of your internet plan doesn’t impact the ping directly, several details regarding your internet protocol version, network driver, and other factors can cause high ping in Valorant. To guarantee that you won’t have this problem, contact your internet connection provider and talk to them about DNS settings and the route of their signal.

The internet speed doesn’t have a direct impact, but if your internet plan is low and you have multiple active connections, you might experience ping spikes. If this is the case, upgrade your plan or set up your PC to have high priority among the other connected devices.


Use Wired Connection


picture of a wifi router with multiple cables connected to it


Another factor that can cause high ping in Valorant and other games is using a wireless connection. If you want to extract maximum performance when playing Valorant, using an ethernet cable for the connection is recommended.

If you are using a Wi-Fi connection while gaming, you might experience a more unstable ping and some eventual lag spikes. On the other hand, a wired connection is usually better and more stable, guaranteeing a more constant performance in the game server.


Update Your Windows


screenshot from the windows update tab of the operational system


Keeping your Windows updated also significantly impacts maintaining your Valorant ping low. If you want the best performance when playing your online games, you must keep your programs updated, especially your OS.

Go to your Settings tab and check for updates. If you see a new version available, update it, and you will have a low ping in the game.


Reboot Your Internet Connection


picture of a person turning a wifi router on


This is one of the oldest tricks people do, and it actually works most of the time. Sometimes high ping can simply be solved by rebooting your internet router. 

This trick can solve your problem without the need to clear DNS cache or any complicated steps. Simply go to the router and hit the power button or the reset button if your router has one.


Change In-Game Settings


screenshot from valorant general settings menu


Another thing that can cause elevated ping in Valorant is the settings that you use. Most of them won’t interfere with ping and buffering, but others directly affect the game’s performance.

Be sure to use the best settings for your PC. If you are unsure which one to use, select the default option or check some tutorials on what each option does and which one is the best for you.


Check the Number of Devices Connected to the Network


illustration showing multiple devices connected to the same network


As we mentioned before, the number of devices connected to the same network also affects the ping in Valorant. If you are experiencing ping problems or even low connectivity, you can check the number of devices connected and disconnect those that are not using the wi-fi. This is an easy solution that can drastically reduce ping.

Using NoPing


screenshot from noping official website showing multiple games that it supports


When solving ping problems, NoPing is definitely the best tool available for the job. Our website features more than 600 supported titles, including Valorant.

You can drastically reduce your ping with just one click and instantly feel the difference. It will show you the best server for playing and directly connect you to it.

If you are facing Valorant high ping problems, NoPing is a must-have. The tool can be easily downloaded and features a user-friendly interface, making it easy to make any necessary alterations.

With one signature, you have guaranteed low ping for more than one thousand games, making the gaming experience way more enjoyable. Check out our website and see everything this powerful tool can do.

If none of the previous solutions worked for you, don’t worry. You can also check this article to find out more tips on how to solve this problem.

The text includes tips related to both network and hardware issues. Don’t forget to only do procedures that you are familiar with.


Conclusion on Fixing High Ping in Valorant


screenshot from the game valorant with an icon of the internet signal in the middle


Having your performance affected while gaming online is a player’s worst nightmare. In titles like Valorant, your ping will impact all aspects of your experience.

Thankfully, there are ways of solving this problem and achieving maximum performance against your enemies. For this task, one of the most powerful tools available is NoPing. The software will lower your ping and automatically choose the best server for you to play on. 

Now that you know everything you need about fixing high ping in Valorant, it is time to start testing the methods to see which one will solve your problem. Don’t forget to only do processes you understand and can undo if something happens. Otherwise, you might have more problems with your internet connection and PC.


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