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How to Lower Ping in VRChat: 10 Unique Ways to Solve High Latency

  • Posted 07/08/2023

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In the VRChat universe, the only limit is your imagination. But sometimes, technical issues like high ping can damper your virtual adventures. 

High latency, often called "ping," is the time data travels from your device to the server and back. In a real-time platform like VRChat, a high ping leads to lag, stuttering, and a less-than-optimal experience. 

But there's good news, high ping is not a problem anymore. 

This article helps you identify most VRChat problems related to latency and gives you solutions you can apply without needing tech knowledge.


How to Lower Ping in VRChat: 10 Unique Ways to Solve High Latency

Methods to Lower Ping in VRChat

Why Do You Have Low Ping in VRChat?

VRChat Modded Optimizations

What is VRChat?

Why is a Low Ping Necessary for VRChat Users?

NoPing Takes the Latency Away


Methods to Lower Ping in VRChat


When playing VRchat, you may encounter login issues. This could also extend to other online games.

So, here are nine ways you can use to lower VRchat lag and improve your internet connection.


Increase PC Performance


Just like any other technology, computers can become obsolete, which is one of the reasons the gaming experience with current games may decrease.

So, if you’re having issues playing VRchat, upgrading your hardware could solve it all, from lag spikes and graphics settings problems.

This could include:

  • CPU

  • GPU

  • RAM

  • SSD

  • Fans

Ensure you find products that meet VRChat’s requirements:

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

  • Windows 8.1, Windows 10

  • Intel® i5-4590 / AMD FX 8350 equivalent or greater

  • 4 GB RAM

  • NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 970 / AMD Radeon™ R9 290 equivalent or greater

  • DirectX 11

  • 1 GB available space



Get a New Internet Service Provider


If an old PC isn’t your problem, getting a new internet connection or improving your plan could fix VRChat lag.

Do this to identify if your network is the issue:

  1. Search online for an internet speed test or enter

  2. Perform the analysis using both the router and the Ethernet cable.

You could talk to your provider if you’re not getting the upload and download speed you paid for.



Using a Gaming Reliable VPN Service


A VRChat VPN allows you to connect to different server locations that aren’t crowded. You can use NoPing to reduce high latency without modifying in-game settings or your PC’s hardware.

This VPN will also increase online security when playing and accessing online games.



Enter Servers With Less Internet Traffic


Accessing a game server with fewer people will provide you with a better experience in VRChat. You can also try dedicated servers or play during off-peak hours to reduce lag.



Reduce In-Game Graphics


Reducing the graphics on your PC could reduce VRchat lagging. This allows your CPU and graphics card to work lightly to improve ping.

Now, if you don’t want to reduce your VRchat gameplay experience, we recommend you find a balance between performance and quality.



Goodbye to Background Programs


Background programs use hardware resources, producing high ping in the virtual world.

The best thing you can do is eliminate your background software using a task manager.



Antivirus Software Exceptions


Antiviruses could be slowing down your PC performance. Add the VRChat to your antivirus white list exceptions to play VRchat and fix the lag.




More RAM

RAM allows you to increase your computer’s performance by allocating resources to play games.

Increase your RAM to improve your VRChat experience and fix VRChat lagging.


Change Task Manager Priority


Your PC has multiple cores and RAM to dedicate to different tasks. If you’re having VRChat lag, you could change its priority level.

Enter the task manager and do as follows:

  1. Find details.

  2. Right-click the .exe VRchat file.

  3. Set priority to Above Normal or High.



Modify Your Nvidia Control Panel


If you have a Nvidia graphics card, you could try modifying the Nvidia control panel for smoother gameplay.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Right-click on your desktop and click on the Nvidia control panel. If you have Windows 11, select Show More Options first.

  2. Find Manage 3D Settings.

  3. Go to the Program Settings tab.

  4. Choose VRChat and modify the options to get better performance. You may have to deactivate some to see improvement.

You should consider getting a new graphics card if you are still waiting to notice improvements.




Why Do You Have a High Ping in VRChat?


Your virtual reality (VR) headset could lag for several reasons. Let’s take a look:


Low-End PC With Outdated Drivers


Your PC is a piece of technology that will eventually fade into obsolescence. And a high ping time sometimes means your computer doesn’t meet minimum requirements with its resources.

On the other hand, outdated drivers could also be why you have VRchat lag. Ensure you update them in the Device Manager.


Bad Internet Connection


Internet connection will decide how you interact with other players. This is especially useful when playing Second Life or other VR games.


Corrupted Game Files


Corrupted data could change your game from working poorly to not working. You should always check the status of your file and consider reinstalling programs in case of issues.

Here’s how you can recover VRChat from corrupted files:


Traditional Way

  • Press the Windows key and find the Add or Remove Programs.

  • Look for VRChat and Uninstall it.

  • Reinstall the program to solve the issue. 


Steam File Verification

  • Open the Steam client.

  • Find VRChat in your library.

  • Right click it and select Properties.

  • Go to Installed Files.

  • Select Verify Integrity of Game Files.

  • Wait until the platform confirms the game’s files and downloads all that’s missing.

  • Play.


Generic In-Game Settings


Using the generic in-game graphical settings is the worst you can do for your gaming experience.

This is because video games usually come with a standard configuration. While other titles can adapt to your PC configuration as soon as you enter, others may not.

You can enter VRChat and modify settings like as follows:

  • Headset refresh rate to 90hz.

  • Headset resolution to 80%.

  • Avatar hider in the mini menu settings (e.g. 40m and max 20.)

  • Multisample Anti-Aliasing to 2x in performance settings.

  • Turn off avatar shaders in safety settings.

  • Graphics Quality: Low

  • Particle Limiter: On

  • Forced Camera Near Distance: Off

  • Mirror Resolution: Quarter Resolution


Bad VRChat Optimization


Sometimes it’s not your fault. VRChat is popular, and it’s still developing to offer the best performance to gamers. Still, you may have connection or lag spikes issues because the game is crowded, and the server can’t handle so many devices connected simultaneously.

So, even when developers have added multiple servers and given priority to this situation, there may be occasions when you just can’t log in.


VRChat Modded Optimizations


VRChat has a few mods that you can use to improve your experience. Each comes with features like:

  • Rendering processes.

  • Improved framerates.

All these will turn your VR into a much smoother experience without changing bandwidth or hardware.

However, we have to remind you these modifications aren’t legal and have no warranty. If you encounter any issues or get banned for using these programs, you won’t be able to use your oculus quest and play VRChat.

With this said, these are the best mods you could use to play with friends:

  1. OVR Advanced Settings: Gives you access to utility settings.

  2. LuxVR: Reduces eye strain after long hours.

  3. OVR Toolkit: Provides a simple and faster VR experience.



What is VRChat?


VRChat is a virtual reality experience where you live social encounters in a virtual world that gives all the power to the community.

You can use different ways to access the VRchat, from Steam to the Oculus Quest or a Rift.

All you need to focus on is in:

  • Making friends.

  • Creating your own worlds.

  • Customize your avatars.

  • Join and enjoy user-generated content.



Why is a Low Ping Necessary for VRChat Users?


You must have a low ping in VRchat to fully enjoy the game. Most game modes will require you to play with other people. If you have high-ping, you could have the following problems:

  • Connecting to other worlds.

  • Finding a party or joining your friends.

  • Having problems reacting to what other people do. 

You should always try to have 100ms maximum. Less is ideal. Ping higher than 150ms will show lag and could have difficulties connecting. So, ensure you always check your latency beforehand using tools like


NoPing Takes the Latency Away


NoPing is a private gaming VPN allowing you to play VRchat and other games with extremely low latency to live the ultimate gaming experience.

Join 1500 servers around the world, you can be sure you’ll find a non-crowded location to play as you should.

You can also access games blocked in your country!

You only need to download NoPing Tunnel, install it, and select the game you want to optimize. And since our program doesn’t modify your file games, you don’t have to worry about getting banned.

Try NoPing now and get a 7-day free trial to fix lag and show you how playing without latency feels like. Join now!

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