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Nicki Minaj Unveils New "Barbie" Call of Duty Skin: How Much Does It Cost?

  • Posted 28/08/2023

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Renowned rapper and singer Nicki Minaj has dropped some exciting news that's sent ripples through the gaming community and her fanbase alike. Minaj has revealed a brand-new skin inspired by her iconic "Barbie" persona for the popular first-person shooter, Call of Duty. This thrilling announcement has sparked fervent anticipation among gaming enthusiasts eager to deck out their in-game characters as one of today's most influential artists.

Details on Nicki Minaj's "Barbie" Skin for Call of Duty

Nicki Minaj's "Barbie" skin is an undeniably stylish addition to the Call of Duty universe. It transforms your in-game character into a true pop diva, complete with stunning outfits, flawless makeup, and glamorous accessories mirroring Nicki Minaj's signature aesthetic. Players now have the chance to hit the virtual battlefields with the same style and attitude as the artist herself.

How Much Does Nicki Minaj's "Barbie" Skin Cost in Call of Duty?

However, the burning question on everyone's mind is, how much does this dazzling new skin cost? Nicki Minaj is well aware of the value of her image and the excitement surrounding this collaboration, so the "Barbie" skin is not free. It's available as part of a premium package that includes not only the skin but also other exclusive items such as emotes, custom weapons, and more. Prices may vary depending on the gaming platform and edition, but expect it to be a substantial investment to adorn your Call of Duty character with this celebrity look.

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