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Black Desert Online Enhances Guild Wars, Upgrades Mounts, and Promises Sea Route Improvements for a More Immersive Experience

  • Posted 14/09/2023

MMORPG , Geral

In the ever-evolving world of Black Desert Online, Pearl Abyss is committed to enhancing players' experiences in every possible way. In a recent update, they've introduced a slew of significant improvements aimed at making the game fairer, more exciting, and smoother. Additionally, an exciting promise has been made regarding future enhancements to sea routes. Let's delve into these details to understand how these changes are shaping the world of Black Desert Online.

Fairer Guild Wars

Guild Wars are a pivotal part of Black Desert Online, offering thrilling rivalries and epic battles. However, to ensure fair competition, Pearl Abyss is implementing several adjustments. The goal is to reduce the power disparity between guilds, fostering a balanced and engaging experience.

These improvements encompass changes to war rules, force balancing, and stricter anti-abuse mechanisms. These changes have the potential to make Guild Wars more accessible and thrilling for all players, regardless of their guild's size.

Mount Enhancements

Players in Black Desert Online have always appreciated the importance of mounts in the game, both for transportation and combat. To enhance this experience, Pearl Abyss has made significant improvements to mounts. Now, horses and other mounts exhibit smarter and more responsive AI, making travel across the game world much smoother. Moreover, new mount commands have been added, allowing players to further customize their four-legged companions' behavior.

Promises of Sea Route Improvements

For adventurers who love exploring the seas of Black Desert Online, there's an exciting promise on the horizon. Pearl Abyss has announced plans for substantial improvements to the game's sea routes. While specific details are still in development, this news is sure to excite players who wish to expand their adventures into the vast oceans.

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