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New World's Creative Director Reveals Insights into Achieving Gear Score 700, Special Perks, Unearthing Artifacts, and More

  • Posted 22/09/2023

MMORPG , Geral

New World players are eagerly awaiting the unveiling of secrets hidden within Aeternum, and the Creative Director at Amazon Games recently shared exciting insights about the game's future. We'll delve into the planned updates aimed at elevating gameplay, including the roadmap to reach a gear score of 700, the introduction of new special perks, and the thrilling pursuit of artifacts.

Paths to Achieving Gear Score 700:

One of the primary points of interest for New World players is how they can attain an impressive gear score of 700. The Creative Director explained that they are diligently working on various avenues to help players reach this milestone. This involves the implementation of high-level content such as dungeons and raids where players can acquire more powerful equipment. Additionally, they plan to introduce missions and special activities that will grant valuable rewards to dedicated players.

Special Perks and Character Customization:

Character customization is a fundamental aspect of the New World experience. The Creative Director mentioned their expansion of customization options, including the addition of special perks. Players will be able to select unique abilities that suit their playstyle, making each character truly distinctive. These special abilities can be unlocked and enhanced over time, offering a richer and more diversified gaming experience.

Embarking on Artifact Hunts:

The pursuit of artifacts is one of the most intriguing features coming to New World. Players will have the opportunity to explore mysterious locations and uncover ancient secrets to find powerful artifacts. These artifacts will not only boost character power but also deepen the lore of Aeternum, adding an extra layer of immersion to the game.

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