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New World: Call of the Wilds to Showcase Rise of the Angry Earth and Reward Skins via Twitch Drops

  • Posted 27/09/2023

MMORPG , Geral

In the thrilling realm of "New World," a new and exhilarating update is on the horizon! The highly anticipated expansion, titled "Call of the Wilds," promises to take players on an epic journey with the long-awaited introduction of "Rise of the Angry Earth." Furthermore, gaming enthusiasts can gear up to be pampered with exclusive skins through an exciting Twitch Drops event.

Rise of the Angry Earth: An Ancestral Threat

The "Call of the Wilds" expansion immerses players deep into the jungles of Aeternum, where an ancient threat reemerges. Known as the "Rise of the Angry Earth," this ancestral force poses a challenge to all daring adventurers who dare to explore this mysterious land. Prepare to face legendary creatures, uncover lost secrets, and discover the truth behind the resurgence of the Angry Earth.

Exclusive Rewards via Twitch Drops

In addition to the thrilling expansion, players will have the opportunity to unlock exclusive skins for their characters and weapons through Twitch Drops. This special event allows viewers to get in on the action and earn rewards simply by watching their favorite streamers' live broadcasts. A great way to stand out in Aeternum with style!

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Don't miss the chance to dive into the exciting "Call of the Wilds" expansion and secure your exclusive rewards through Twitch Drops. Get ready to confront the Rise of the Angry Earth and conquer Aeternum with enhanced style and performance, thanks to NoPing. Try it now and elevate your gaming experience to new heights!

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