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Final Fantasy XIV Mini-Site Gets a Refresh and a Fall Guys Collaboration Starting Next Week

  • Posted 26/10/2023

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Final Fantasy XIV fans have reason to celebrate as Square Enix has just rolled out an exciting update to the game's mini-site. In addition, a thrilling collaboration with the popular game Fall Guys is set to kick off next week. These developments are sure to bring extra excitement to players, promising even more exhilarating and unique gaming experiences.

The Final Fantasy XIV mini-site has undergone a revamp, offering a more enjoyable and informative browsing experience for players and fans of the game. This update provides in-depth information about the world of Eorzea, including the various races and classes available in the game, as well as a deep dive into the game's lore and expansions released thus far. Players can now delve into the world of Hydaelyn more engagingly and explore all the intricate details of the game's expansive narrative.

To add to the excitement, Square Enix has announced a collaboration with the game Fall Guys. Starting next week, Final Fantasy XIV players will be able to enjoy a special event that brings iconic elements from Fall Guys into the world of Eorzea. This partnership promises to introduce new fun and challenges, along with exclusive rewards that players won't want to miss out on.

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