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Lost Ark Unveils Details of Scythe-Wielding Soul Eater Assassin Subclass

  • Posted 08/11/2023

MMORPG , Geral

In the thrilling world of Lost Ark, players are about to receive an exciting update that brings a new subclass to the Assassin class. The upcoming week will mark the arrival of the fearsome Soul Eater, a class that wields scythes and has the power to summon the dead. This new addition promises to invigorate players' experience with unique and exhilarating abilities that will pave the way for even more dynamic and strategic gameplay.

The Soul Eater Assassin class stands out for its ability to use scythes as the primary weapon. The way this weapon is handled is a true work of art, with graceful and lethal moves that will ensure that enemies stand no chance. Moreover, players will have the opportunity to summon restless spirits to assist them in battle, adding an element of strategy and surprise to encounters.

Players who choose the Soul Eater subclass can rely on a diverse set of abilities, ranging from devastating close-range attacks to crowd control abilities that will keep their enemies at bay. This versatility will provide the opportunity to adapt their playstyle according to the situation, making the Soul Eater Assassin class an intriguing choice for Lost Ark players.

This promising addition to the game is scheduled to arrive next week, and fans are eagerly looking forward to exploring the full potential of this new subclass. With scythes in hand and spirits at their disposal, players will be able to tackle Lost Ark's challenges in an entirely new way.

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