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EVE Online NPC Pirates Launch Assault on Player Structures with Havoc Patch

  • Posted 13/11/2023


In an exciting development within the EVE Online universe, CCP Games has released the highly anticipated Havoc Patch, which has brought a twist to the game's dynamics. Players now need to be prepared as the dreaded NPC pirates are no longer limited to attacking player ships; they are targeting player-owned structures.

This thrilling change came as a surprise to the EVE Online player community. Previously, NPC pirates were known to wreak havoc on players' ships, but now they have extended their sights to players' very facilities, outposts, and stations.

The Havoc Patch introduces a new layer of challenge to the game, forcing players to enhance their defenses and strategies. The NPC pirates are known for their cunning and ruthlessness, making player cooperation even more critical. This update adds an element of unpredictability and excitement to the EVE Online universe.

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