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New World's "Eternal Frost" Season Goes Live After One-Day Delay, but Glitches Persist

  • Posted 14/12/2023

MMORPG , Geral

After a brief one-day delay, the highly anticipated "Eternal Frost" season of New World has finally been launched. Players were eager to explore the new icy regions, face unprecedented challenges, and enjoy the exclusive rewards of this season. However, the launch was not without setbacks, as some issues persist even after the long-awaited update.

While the community was excited about the new features brought by the "Eternal Frost" season, some players reported the continued presence of glitches and bugs that affected the gaming experience. The problems range from connectivity issues to visual anomalies, hindering players' immersion in the world of New World.

The development team is aware of the issues and is working diligently to fix the flaws and ensure a smooth gaming experience for all users. We ask players to be patient while the fixes are implemented.

Despite the initial challenges, the "Eternal Frost" season promises to bring a new dimension to the New World universe, with exciting content and intriguing twists for adventurers to explore. Developers are committed to providing ongoing support and ensuring that the community makes the most of the new season.

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