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Configuring Aion with NoPing

  • Posted 19/12/2023

MMORPG , Geral


Aion, a popular MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), offers a vast virtual world where players can explore, battle monsters and other players, as well as undertake challenging quests. However, to fully enjoy all the nuances and challenges that the game offers, it is essential that latency is kept to a minimum. And that's where NoPing becomes a vital tool.


By configuring Aion with NoPing, you will be taking an important step towards ensuring smoother and more stable gameplay. This is particularly significant in online games, where response speed is crucial. High latency can result in delays in your character's actions, which can be frustrating, affecting your performance and, consequently, your enjoyment of the game.


Additionally, NoPing offers a variety of servers optimized for different regions, allowing you to choose the server that best suits your location. This contributes to an even greater reduction in latency and a more stable connection.


To configure Aion with Noping follow the instructions below:


1° Start NoPing, log in and enter the software.


2° Go to the search tab and search for Aion, then click on the "Select server" button.


3° When you enter, some servers will appear and click on the "Update" button which will be 

next to "Ping" and this will show the ping of each server.


4° Select the server closest to the region where the game server is located with the lowest ping and after this process click on the "Optimize this game" button.


5° Now just open the game and enjoy your game with a lower ping.



Setting up Aion with NoPing is essential to optimizing your gaming experience. With reduced latency and a more stable connection, you'll be better prepared to explore the world of Aion, take on challenges, and interact with other players. Don't let high latency spoil your fun - make the most of your time on Aion with NoPing.


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