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Overwatch 2 Developers Discuss Game Changes

  • Posted 15/01/2024

FPS, Geral

Overwatch 2's latest event, launched this past weekend, brought intense matches that raised the stakes for both new and seasoned players. Developers released a Director's Take, discussing their future plans and gauging fan responses to the recent test event.

Overwatch 2, a team-based first-person shooter, places a strong emphasis on players collaborating to defeat the opposing team. One major challenge lies in achieving balance and ensuring that each player not only understands their role but also fully masters their chosen Hero to ensure the team's success.

Relying on team cohesion can be highly rewarding but inherently frustrating, as Overwatch 2 players are well aware. Developers have announced a new feature allowing team members to passively heal themselves to stay alive in the heat of battle, a skill already familiar to some fans as healers in the game possess this passive ability.

Further changes are in the pipeline, primarily aimed at assisting players facing challenges with unfavorable team compositions. Among the already implemented changes is the Ping system, enabling players to quickly indicate the location of enemies or the need for healing. Another noteworthy addition is the Spawn Together system, bringing more players together simultaneously to combat the "one by one" death cycle as a single player rushes alone to maintain control of a point.

The Quickplay: Hacked event served as a platform for developers to test faster spawns and captures, gathering player feedback on these changes before deciding which ones will become permanent and which will be exclusive to special events.

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