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Diablo Immortal Unveils "The Consumed" Battle Pass and Lunar New Year Event with Fresh Twists and Optimizations

  • Posted 30/01/2024

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The eagerly anticipated next battle pass of Diablo Immortal, named "The Consumed," is set to be released, bringing with it a slew of enhancements, new rewards, and refreshed events, including the Lunar New Year celebration with the limited-time Tong-Shi renewal event. Additionally, innovative modifiers promise to add a new dimension to returning events.

This update will be available to players in all global regions starting at 2 a.m. on January 31 (Pacific Time). In anticipation of the Lunar New Year, the team has decided to roll out the major content update in three weeks, offering, however, a feature-packed update this week.

The Tong-Shi event, celebrating the New Year with blessings from the Xian pantheon god, pledges fascinating rewards such as red bags and Tseym upon completing various tasks, including dungeons, Elder Rifts, and defeating elite monsters. Convert your Tseym into random rewards such as gold, gems, or dust. Additionally, gear up to face Jingun, Eater of Mountains, a world boss available from February 9, with the event extending until February 25, offering 13 new rewards to conquer.

The Howler Hunt is a limited-time event for players level 30 and above, where one player becomes the Howler during the match. Their mission is to sabotage former allies, masking their identity while hindering progress. A unique version of the classic party game Werewolf (also known as Mafia), challenge yourself and teammates to discover the infiltrator before the Howler emerges victorious.

Popular events like Conqueror, Fractured Plane, Trial of the Hordes, and Wild Brawl are making a return, but this time with an intriguing twist. Each will feature two random modifiers from a list during each match, providing unique challenges such as increased movement speed or improved monster detection. All players in the match will face the same modifier challenges.

In the realm of Familiars, significant optimizations have been implemented, including dynamic adjustments to movement speed, a button to set the Familiar's defensive or proactive stance when attacking monsters, and more effective familiar stones. New recommendations for familiar fusion have also been added to streamline the process.

To learn more about these changes, including details on returning events, the full list of modifiers, and information about the upcoming season in Diablo Immortal, check for updates on the official game website.

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