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Preview of World of Warcraft Season of Discovery Phase 2 Highlights Gnomeregan Raid Dungeon

  • Posted 31/01/2024

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The World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery has fans of the franchise reveling in the nostalgia brought by updates while also providing a completely fresh perspective on the dungeons and raids of Vanilla WoW.

The Phase 2 preview of the Season of Discovery is now live, showcasing what players can expect post-launch. This preview provides insights into boss changes, new item sets, and overall updates to the Gnomeregan Dungeon.

For those who experienced the initial game launch, the challenges of Gnomeregan Dungeon are etched in memory. From winding and treacherous paths to forgetting a parachute and plummeting to one's demise, or simply rushing into the disco room and forgetting the reason for being there, the OG dungeon left an enduring mark on the hearts of Vanilla players worldwide.

Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery preserves everything we love – and perhaps loathe – about Gnomeregan while turning things upside down with the introduction of new items and slight boss fight adjustments. Grubbis, the boss accompanied by his Basilisk, now incorporates a new mechanic involving radiation emissions, adding an extra layer of challenge to an already complex boss encounter.

Meanwhile, Crowd Pummeler 9-60 will be relocated to an entirely new area within the dungeon, and players will battle the crowd on top of an elevated platform, rather than receiving punches in a specific spot.

In addition to boss revisions, loot available in Gnomeregan has also undergone an overhaul. Old items may not be making a return, but new items inspired by them will. An example is the Domesticated Attack Chicken, a gadget that appears to be a recreation of the Gnomish Battle Chicken engineers could create back then.

Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery brings several other updates. For detailed information, visit the Blizzard news page.

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