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Alan Wake Debuts in Dead by Daylight, New Limited-Time Event 'Lights Out' Announced

  • Posted 02/02/2024

MMORPG , Geral

Dead by Daylight has just received an exciting addition with the arrival of the latest survivor, Alan Wake, in a collaboration between Behavior Interactive and Remedy Entertainment.

Alan Wake brings three new abilities inspired by his experiences in Bright Falls and Dark Place. His perks include:

Champion of Light - Allowing Alan to gain movement speed when using a flashlight. Blinding a killer with the flashlight inflicts the Hindered status effect, reducing their movement speed.

Boon: Illumination - Introducing a Boon Totem that grants all nearby survivors the ability to see auras of generators and chests on the map. Lit Boon Totems also expedite the cleansing and blessing of other totems.

Deadline - Triggered when Alan is injured, Deadline increases the frequency of skill checks when healing survivors or repairing generators. Failing a check while Deadline is active reduces the penalty by half.

Additionally, a unique experience awaits players with the new limited-time mode called 'Lights Out.' Starting from February 7th, trial maps utilizing the Lights Out modifier will be shrouded in complete darkness - no loading, no terror radius, no scratch marks. This addition promises to add a terrifying new layer of fear to the Dead by Daylight experience. The Lights Out modifier will be available until February 14th.

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