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World of Warships Celebrates Lunar New Year with Exciting Updates and Submarine Warfare Enhancements: USS Enterprise and Special Campaigns

  • Posted 06/02/2024

MMORPG , Geral

"World of Warships is gearing up to celebrate the Year of the Dragon with an exciting Lunar New Year event, bringing along its own Event Pass. Wargaming is also introducing some tweaks in submarine and anti-submarine warfare, reintroducing the thrilling Airship Escort and launching a new and exhilarating campaign.

World of Warships Lunar New Year event introduces its unique Event Pass, offering players two progression lines, each consisting of 20 levels. One of these lines, in collaboration with the streamer The RussianBadger, offers special rewards including a commander with RussianBadger's voice, an exclusive commemorative flag, and a permanent camouflage. The second progression line enables players to earn camouflages, commanders, Lunar Warrior flags, and more.

Furthermore, this month's update brings significant enhancements to submarine and anti-submarine warfare. Certain ship lines will receive new consumables such as Depth Charge Aerial Attack and Submarine Surveillance Consumable. Additionally, submerged submarines will now receive warnings when another submarine approaches within a 2 km range, aiming to prevent collisions.

The Airship Escort game mode is also making a comeback, in a two-week limited-time version. In this mode, players need to coordinate with their teams to escort an aircraft to its destination while facing off against opponents at sea level. Victory is achieved by eliminating all enemies or by successfully guiding the aircraft to its objective, a task that proves to be challenging and thrilling.

Further highlighting the update, the premium Tier VIII USS Enterprise aircraft carrier will receive its own special event. The Grey Ghost campaign offers a series of challenging missions for players, rewarding them with exclusive items such as a Gray Ghost patch, a USS Enterprise flag, and Enterprise tokens. Successful completion of the campaign during the six-week event will also unlock the opportunity to acquire the Enterprize in the Arsenal or the store.

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