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World of Tanks and Dune: Part Two Collaboration Event Starts This Week

  • Posted 14/02/2024

MMORPG , Geral

World of Tanks and the upcoming sequel Dune: Part Two are launching a special collaboration event this week, bringing players a unique and exciting experience.

Starting February 15th at 2PM PT / 5PM ET until February 26th, gaming enthusiasts can dive into this joint adventure ahead of the highly anticipated movie Dune: Part Two's premiere on March 1st. The event features the release of a special Battle Pass, consisting of 25 challenging stages that promise amazing rewards. Players will be able to progress through these stages and earn exclusive Dune-inspired items, such as decals, badges, and much more. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to choose between two iconic commanders: Gurney Halleck, loyal to House Atreides, or "Beast" Rabban of House Harkkonen. A special addition to the event is the presence of Lady Jessica as part of an exclusive event bundle.

Among the basic rewards offered, highlights include an Atreides-Fremen alliance decal, a 50% combat XP boost for one hour as a bonus, 350 thousand credits, bonds, equipment, and much more. For those who opt for the improved pass, additional rewards will be unlocked, including more credits, a 10,000 XP module, a credit bonus, extra badges and decals, and a variety of collectible items.

In addition to the opportunity to acquire Lady Jessica as a commander through a special bundle, players will also have access to the Mittlerer Kpz, inspired by the ornithopter, with the exclusive "Wind of Arrakis" visual style. This tank features unique effects and pneumatic suspension technology that allows for gun depression of up to -9° at low speeds, making it ideal for maneuvering in the dunes. Its piercing weapon ensures exceptional accuracy during battles.

For those interested, the bundle containing Lady Jessica as a commander, the 2D sandstorm style, 500 bonds, mission XP bonus, and training manuals is already available for purchase in the game store.

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