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Black Desert Online Tweaks War of the Roses, Refines Guild League Matchmaking, and Adjusts Monster Zone

  • Posted 16/02/2024

MMORPG , Geral

Black Desert Online has implemented a series of significant adjustments in its latest update, aiming to enhance the gaming experience in various aspects. One of the notable changes lies in the penalty system for players attacking others in the game world: now, if a player is attacked by another and a monster completes the attack, there will be no more death penalties, and the attacking player will receive a slight reduction in Karma.

For PvP enthusiasts, adjustments have been made in both the War of the Roses and the Guild League. In the War of the Roses, equipment score requirements have been raised to ensure a more balanced competition, while in the 15v15 Guild League, the matchmaking system has been refined to provide fairer matchups between guilds of similar levels, thus reducing imbalance in matches.

Additionally, the new monster zone, Yzrahid Highlands, has undergone adjustments to ensure an appropriate challenge for players, especially in an area designed for high DP (Defense Power) zones. The mechanics of some monsters, such as Seculion, have been clarified and damage reduced, providing a smoother and more understandable combat experience.

For players still in the Valentine's Day spirit, two events continue to unfold: a screenshot contest with exciting prizes and the return of the Valentine's Day Adventure Log, where players can complete records to express love and receive exclusive rewards.

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