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Guild Wars 2: The Realm of Dreams, the Next Secrets of the Obscure Update, Set to Launch on February 27th

  • Posted 20/02/2024

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Guild Wars 2 enthusiasts, mark your calendars! The highly anticipated second major update for the Secrets of the Obscure expansion has been officially named: The Realm of Dreams. Scheduled to go live on February 27th, this update promises a plethora of thrilling additions to the game.

Prepare yourselves as the journey into the mysterious realm of Nayos continues, with the emergence of new weapon proficiencies for all classes, the introduction of legendary relics, and the unveiling of two formidable legendary bosses. Not to mention, the storyline delving deeper into the invasion of Kryptis will captivate players as they strive to thwart the enemy's plans to crush Tyria.

For players who have been eagerly awaiting new content since the expansion's original release in August, the wait is almost over. This update marks the second of three planned content updates for the Secrets of the Obscure expansion, with the final chapter slated for release later this year.

In addition to the rich narrative and the battle against the latest threat, players can expect an array of new and expanded features to explore. Following the introduction of Convergences in the previous update, where up to 50 players can engage in nighttime instances to combat Kryptis members, The Realm of Dreams brings forth two new legendary combat bosses to challenge players in these Convergences.

Where there are new bosses, there are new mechanics to master, along with a host of new items to acquire. Alongside the introduction of a new legendary relic, the first tier of the new Obsidian legendary armor will also be included in the revamped equipment rewards.

Furthermore, each profession will gain access to a new line of weapon proficiencies, offering exciting new combat dynamics. Whether you've yearned for a Necromancer wielding a sword, a Ranger wielding a mace, or a Thief wielding an axe, these new options will soon become available to expansion owners. The development team has been rigorously testing these new additions, ensuring a polished release later this month. Additionally, Rangers will have the opportunity to bond with a new animal companion.

As if that wasn't enough, the Wizard's Vault will feature enticing new rewards to collect, including the introduction of Challenge Mode to the Temple of Febe Strike mission. Lastly, players can expand their mastery with the Astral Ward Mastery line, promising further depth to their gameplay experience.

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