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New World Cooking Update Detailed by Development Team for Season of the Guardian

  • Posted 27/02/2024

MMORPG , Geral

New World is gearing up for the exciting Fifth Season, known as the Season of the Guardian, and one of the major overhauls players can expect revolves around cooking and food mechanics within the game. This revision includes reducing the number of recipes, enhancing fishing mechanics, and restructuring to make food even more valuable. In a recent video released by the Forged in Aeternum team, all the nuances of this culinary overhaul are meticulously explained.

This marks the first trade skill that the development team is planning to restructure, and they are placing great importance on player feedback regarding the new system. The excessive complexity of cooking was one of the main reasons for this revision. The abundance of food types, buffs, recipes, and processes had become overwhelming, especially for new players. Patrick Smedley, lead season designer, highlights that simplifying the inventory system is a priority, aiming to make the gaming experience smoother and more engaging.

To achieve this goal, many recipes will be eliminated. Foods with split attributes will be removed, leaving only foods with pure attributes behind. Additionally, access to these foods will be streamlined. The level requirement to consume gathering foods and trade skill foods will be reduced to level 15, making them more accessible to players. Old recipes will be replaced by updated versions, ensuring that players do not lose access to essential foods.

Furthermore, the way players prepare food will also change. Now, it will be possible to create packs of three meals at once, which will provide more experience and a first-craft bonus. This change aims to make the cooking process more dynamic and rewarding.

Another significant change will be in the fishing mechanics. Legendary fish, previously easy to catch, will undergo a revision to make their capture more challenging and, consequently, make them valuable ingredients in various recipes.

Overall, this revision aims to simplify and enhance the cooking experience in New World, making it more accessible and rewarding for all players.

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